‘The Muppets’ Kermit The Frog Proves Thin Is No Longer In

Everything changes sooner or later and The Muppets reboot, although still run by Kermit the Frog, proves this old adage in so many ways, and yet one of those changes is stirring conflict throughout Twitter’s user base. Yes, it seems Kermit’s romantic life is a source of great contention among The Muppets fans and beyond.

As the Telegraph reports, Kermit the Frog has apparently broken up with Miss Piggy, who has declared her strong feminist opinions, and Kermit has begun dating Denise, a younger and prettier pig. Seriously, are these users so angry that Denise isn’t a feminist, or is it a reverse body shaming issue? Would The Muppets be seeing similar responses if Denise were covered in pimples and blackheads?

We thought realistic Barbie was a victory, but now we have skinny Pam on Archer & Denise the younger hotter pig on the Muppets. — Scamille (@scamille_crosby) September 1, 2015

If it is an issue of feminism, should Kermit really be criticized for not staying with Miss Piggy, who, let’s face it, doesn’t have the world’s greatest personality? Is it The Muppets, or is it The Feminists?

Sure, Kermit and Miss Piggy had their moments, but on the whole, Miss Piggy has always been…well, a pig. Hardly a proper spokespig for the feminist movement of 2015. As Breitbart reminds us, Miss Piggy was even capable of inflicting some pretty hefty violence on poor old Kermit.

Maybe, Miss Piggy should change her name to Felicia.

In the end, isn’t it up to Kermit the Frog to make sure Kermit is happy and not the concern of The Muppets haters and human trolls? So what if Kermit found someone younger, hotter, and more devoted to his happiness? It’s called trading up. Denise is all pig! High five, Kermit!

Maybe the real issue people are taking with Denise and with Kermit’s interest in her is that she is the better women…erm, pig. Jealousy is an ugly thing, whether it’s aroused in people or in muppets. No one is taking anything away from Miss Piggy’s dreams and ambitions. She’s still welcome to be a part of The Muppets and she’s still encouraged to participate in the feminist movement (though Piggy might benefit from some anger management courses), and maybe she’ll find a young, hot buck of her own. One must wonder how users would respond to that development.

What of Denise? Isn’t she included when feminists talk of gender equality and female rights? Or does that only apply to ugly, fat pigs? When did it become a crime to be young and beautiful? Can’t we just wish Kermit the Frog the best with Denise and also keep good thoughts for Miss Piggy (and hope she finds a away to control her temper)? Maybe Dr. Banner could help her with that last part.

The Muppets premieres Tuesday, September 22 on ABC.

[Featured image courtesy of ABC/The Muppets]