February 21, 2017
Two Georgia Brothers Jailed After Allegedly Trying To Kill Their Parents By Stabbing Father And Beating Mother Before Trying To Set Fire To Home

Two Georgia brothers – Cameron Ervin, 17, and 22-year-old Christopher Ervin - were arrested at their home after allegedly trying to kill their parents early this morning, reported WSBTV. Just before 8 a.m., Yvonne Ervin made a frantic 911 call, informing dispatchers that her two sons were trying to kill her and her husband, Zachary, before the phone went silent.

When Gwinnett County police officials arrived at the home on 3000 block of Forbes Trail in Snellville – just 30 miles outside of Atlanta, they discovered the woman with serious injuries and her husband – who was outside the home with one of his sons – suffered multiple stab wounds and was bleeding profusely – both were transported to a local hospital where they are expected to recover.

Their two sons were taken into custody after the incident, and it has been reported that the two brothers are being cooperative with police as they are being interrogated. Atlanta police officials are working diligently to uncover the brother's motives for wanting their parents dead.

Police officials say that after the two young men stabbed their father multiple times and beat their mother, they tried to set the house on fire with them inside. Evidence showed that the "gas line at their home had been tampered with," and the smell of natural gas was detected after entering the Georgia home.

According to the Daily Mail, in order for the parents to come out of the brutal attack alive, Zachery had to distract his two sons so that his wife could get away and call 911 dispatch.

"Had she not been able to make that 911 call it's very uncertain what would have happened," said Sgt. Rich Long, who is with Gwinnett County Police. "We're still investigating motive. They have been interviewed, they have been cooperative. Yet confirmation of what their motive is, is still a mystery to us."

Neighbors were stunned after ascertaining that Cameron and Christopher tried to kill their parents.

"I'm in shock. You would never even expect that," said Clint Miller, who lived next to the family for four years. "He [Zachary] wasn't in good shape at all. He was bleeding pretty badly. So we're really concerned for him."

"They're just an everyday normal family in the neighborhood."
The Atlanta brothers are currently being held at the county jail and both are facing charges of "aggravated assault and first-degree arson." Their preliminary hearing will be held on September 18.

This is a developing story.

[Image via YouTube screen capture]