New York City Parks Are The Sacred Grounds Of Black Magic

New York City parks are the sacred grounds of black magic where dozens of animals have been sacrificed during rituals.

The New York Post reports that four severed goat heads, numerous sacrificed chickens and other birds, three slaughtered pigs, and a calf's head have been found in New York City parks. Some of these mutilated animals were found in playgrounds or next to playgrounds.

Park officials were unsure if the animals were killed where they were found or if all the animals were part of a ritualistic killing, but they did acknowledge that some of the New York City parks are the sacred grounds of black magic.

The variety of dead animals were strewn about New York City in particular places for particular reasons, says Yale African-American Studies and Anthropology professor Jafari Allen.

"There may be symbolism in particular statues or a particular tree or a particular place. None of this is by chance."
Santeria, Voodoo, and other similar religions are being practiced in New York City parks when a person living in the area wishes to inflict pain upon an individual through a ritual using the sacrifice of an animal. The dead animal may be left in a spot which holds significance to the ritual.

Some animals have been found left in gruesome displays in trees, forming what appears to be circles, or simply left discarded in bags along the beach.

Allen insists the public should not be alarmed because the New York City animal sacrifices are nothing new. He believes it is "ridiculous" for rituals to be policed, according to the New York Post.

"It was unremarkable 15 years ago. And now it is something scary and unfamiliar to new Brooklynites and Harlemites."
A quick Google search can show anyone how many professional black magic practitioners there are in New York City, so it is quite obvious there are people who believe they need the services of a black magic voodoo priest, spell caster, or a white witch to block the effects of black magic.

The SPCA Executive Director was not pleased with the find of a headless goat body and the headless bodies of other animals in Yorktown. These animals had their entrails sticking out of crude cuts in their bodies.

"Those were dumped on the side of the road," SPCA Executive Director Shannon Laukhuf said. "Those bodies were really desecrated. They were sort of all chopped up. It was really not pleasant."

Police are investigating this and other similar cases of suspected animal sacrifice in New York City, according to Vocativ. Parks are the sacred grounds of black magic, but police want to make sure animal cruelty is not involved. They called in occult specialist Marcos Quinones to make sure.

Quinones wants to make clear that people are free to worship as they please if they are not violating the law.

"Ninety-five percent of all practitioners of Santeria are law-abiding citizens—they're good people," he said. "Even someone who may drop a package containing animal sacrifices, it doesn't mean they're criminals, absolutely not."

[Photo by SPCA of Westchester]