UFO Caught On Camera: Did A UFO Have A Near Miss With A Ryanair Plane? [Updated]

Rahul Srinivas

Update: Folks from over at UFO's On Earth, a website dedicated to analyse UFO sightings and hoax videos have examined the video clip above and has come to the conclusion that this is a hoax. They have examined the clip in detail and noticed that the alleged UFO seen in the clip was never there in the first place. The object claimed to be the UFO was added later using video editing tools. The evidence has been presented in a series of images that prove that the video was digitally altered to add the object in the original video clip.

Original Article:

UFOs have always fascinated humans from the dawn of science and technology. Even in today's age, reports of UFO sightings remain consistent and are frequently reported. In the latest such incident, a video posted to YouTube at the start of this month claims to show a UFO narrowly missing an aircraft.

According to a report by the Mirror UK, the video showing the UFO missing the plane was captured by a woman onboard a Ryanair jet - a Boeing 737 which was on its way to Malaga, Spain from Eindhoven, Netherlands. In the video footage, a black object is seen flying dangerously close to the aircraft at high speed. The object passes just below the wing of the plane. Also pertinent to note is the fact that the engines of the plane rev up and the aircraft makes a sharp turn just after the UFO passes it. There is no mention, however, of the date that this event took place.

The video was posted to the Lions Ground YouTube channel on September 1 and has since then notched up well over 100,000 views. Lions Ground claims to be an "alternative news website" and generally reports stories that it says the mainstream media does not report.

In the video description, Heathcliff from Lions Ground provided a description.

"A Dutch passenger captured UFO on video while on board a Ryanair flight from Netherlands (Eindhoven), heading to Spain. Coincidentally, the passenger was recording because she enjoyed the view. After four minutes, the recording of this UFO event happened. The engines made a lot of noise and the pilot made suddenly a sharp manoeuvre.The UFO endangered the aircraft. A lot of panic was on that plane."

The trustworthiness of this video remains unclear at this stage. Another thing that makes the UFO sighting even more strange is the fact that no other Ryanair passengers seem to have reported about this. This is more important because the channel claims that there was panic onboard the aircraft when the UFO passed. There is no official word from Ryanair regarding this incident either.

After watching the video, do you think the fast moving object shown in the video is really an UFO? Or was it just a bird that was turned into a UFO by conspiracy theorists?

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]