Utah Dance Teacher Arrested After Being Caught Having Sex With 17-Year-Old Student By Husband’s Private Detective

Angelica N. Sumter

A dance teacher from Utah was arrested after her estranged husband's private detective caught her having sex with one of her 17-year-old students, according to the Mirror. Amber Telford, 33, teaches at the dance studio, Colette's Dancing School, she owns in Taylorsville. The studio has since been shut down. She pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced on Thursday to 30 days in jail.

The student-teacher sexual relationship began after Telford began showering the teen – whose name cannot be revealed – with gifts and sending him on a Disneyland trip. Telford's estranged husband became suspicious of the mother-of-three sons' kind gestures. According to a court document, "She started by flirting with (the teen) and eventually began a sexual relationship with him that occurred at her home, her mother's home and also in a vehicle belonging to Amber."

After Telford filed for a divorce from her husband in September of last year, he wanted answers; therefore, he hired a private detective and on November 28, 2014, the detective walked in on the teacher and student having sex in her dance studio with their clothes "strewn all over the floor" – the student-teacher sex act was captured on camera for her estranged husband to see.

Ohio police were notified and the Utah Valley University graduate was arrested in January and charged with "seven counts of sexual activity with a minor." In July, Telford admitted to having sex with her student in her studio, in her husband's car, and would pick him up "in the middle of the night" and drive him to her mother's home and other locations to have sex. In exchange for her guilty plea, "six identical charges were dismissed."

After the former NBA dancer's arrest and guilty plea, it is believed that her dance studio was shut down and a "new business has moved into the premises," according to the Daily Mail.

Telford was facing five years in prison for having sex with her student, but on Thursday, the dance teacher was sentenced to 30 days in jail and required to complete 150 hours of community service upon her release. She will also be placed on probation and must register as a sex offender.

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[Image via YouTube screen capture]