‘Mrs. Eastwood & Company’ Premieres Tonight, Clint To Make Brief Appearance

“Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” the new reality show from E!, centers around Dina Eastwood and her daughters Francesca and Morgan. Legendary director Clint Eastwood will also be a part of the show, but will only appear briefly in occasional episodes.

Tonight, for instance, Clint is expected to appear on screen for about 75 seconds. The New York Times reports that Eastwood, who is currently filming in Atlanta, will fly in for dinner with his wife and daughters. Clint doesn’t talk much during his brief scene. Instead, he sits quietly at the end of the table and listens to his daughters talk.

So no, Clint will not be the next Ozzy Osborne. He won’t be Kris Jenner. He’ll be Clint Eastwood.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the debut episode of “Mrs. Eastwood in Company” will focus on Francesca and Morgan trying to persuade their mother to let them get bellybutton rings. Dina is hesitant, because she says Clint would “hit the roof,” but it isn’t clear if that will be an onscreen threat or if we’ll see Eastwood go all Dirty Harry on his daughters.

Are you looking forward to “Mrs. Eastwood & Company?” Do you think the new show will tarnish the Eastwood name?

Here’s a sneak peak at the new reality show.