Kendra Hatcher: Beloved Children's Dentist Murdered In Her Parking Garage -- Police Unfold Strange Conspiracy

A much-loved children's dentist named Kendra Hatcher was shot and killed in the parking garage of her Dallas home on Wednesday evening. Police believed the murder was not a random act of violence and have since begun to uncover the bizarre mysteries surrounding the woman's death.

According to the Huffington Post, 35-year-old Kendra Hatcher was a well-liked and helpful woman.

A co-worker of Kendra Hatcher said, "She was just very friendly, you know. She would always do that extra."

Despite the dentist's outstanding reputation around her community, a small group of people seemingly hatched a plan to kill her. The body of Kendra Hatcher was found by her vehicle in her home parking garage.

"Once Ms. Hatcher parked her car, an individual got out of the vehicle of interest and appeared to approach her," said a statement from the Dallas Police Department. "Witnesses describe hearing a gunshot and the individual got back into the vehicle of interest and it drove out of the parking garage."

That vehicle of interest has been described as an older Jeep Cherokee with faded paint on the hood.


According to NBC News, authorities have arrested a suspect in connection to the death of Kendra Hatcher: a 23-year-old woman named Crystal Cortes. But apprehending Cortes has only led to more unanswered questions.

Another police statement revealed that Cyrstal Cortes "admitted her involvement in the murder and has given detectives information that other unidentified suspects may have been involved."

Cortes claims she was paid $500 by an unidentified man to drive him to the parking garage so he could rob Kendra Hatcher. She reported that this mystery man was the one to shoot the dentist dead and take her belongings. Surveillance footage of the murder of Kendra Hatcher supports Cortes' story.

But the aunt of Kendra Hatcher, Lisa Soto, believes the murder was not simply a robbery that went awry.

"Robbers don't walk up and shoot somebody first and then grab their stuff... That's just not the way robberies happen," she said. "There was just no reason for a robber to kill her, to get whatever it was they took."

Police have yet to arrest or identify the second suspect in the murder or confirm the explanation Crystal Cortes provided.

"You know somebody did this, and you can't get past that until you know who and why they did it," Soto added. "I need a lot of answers."

Until those answers arrive, the family of Kendra Hatcher is left coping with the loss of the beloved dentist and friend.

"I still can't believe she's gone — I don't understand," said Christine Foley, a friend of Kendra Hatcher. "She doesn't have a mean bone in her body at all. She would give you the shirt off you back if you needed it. That's why I don't understand."

Why do you think Kendra Hatcher was murdered?

[Image credit: Facebook and Dallas County Sheriff's Department]