Sanders Pulls Ahead Of Clinton In New Hampshire Polls

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has a nine point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, according to the most recent poll conducted by NBC News/Marist this month. Sanders has been gaining support all throughout the nation, and giving Clinton a real challenge for the Democratic nomination. This boost in points for Sanders shows a notable increase in support for him in New Hampshire as compared to polls conducted back in July. Sanders is currently holding 49 percent of the voter’s support there in New Hampshire, as opposed to Clinton currently holding only 38 percent of the voter support.

What is more telling however, is that back in July, these numbers where almost exactly the opposite for Sanders and Clinton. In that July poll, Sanders only had 34 percent voter support as contrasted with Clinton sitting at 47 percent support at that time. While some of this may be due to a recent scandal over Clinton’s use of personal emails while holding the office of Secretary of State, it would be a mistake not to attribute a great deal of this support for Sanders to his ability to rally citizens with ideas such as free college tuition, and, as reported by, overturning the Citizens United decision.

Sanders’ commitment to ending the corporate takeover of the U.S. political system has also contributed to gaining support in Iowa. A recent poll that was spoken about on the Des Moines Register website, show Clinton dropping 20 points since her peak back in May, while Sanders has climbed an astounding 25 points since January. Currently, Sanders and Clinton are nearly even there in Iowa among potential voters.

Sanders’ support all around the nation seems to be outpacing Clinton at a rate which should cause Clinton some concern. Before Sanders announced his run, Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic Presidential candidate was basically a given. It was assumed that Clinton would be a shoo-in and that no one could even really challenge her for the nomination, however Sanders has certainly offered a serious challenge to that notion. Although Vice President Joe Biden has not announced an intent to run, many are speculating that he may. However, Biden is not really seen as much of a threat to either Clinton or Sanders even with his status as Vice President.

With Clinton and Sanders seeming to be the only real contenders in this race, and the question Sanders’ supporters are asking themselves now, is whether or not he can carry this momentum not only to a Democratic nomination, but all the way to the White House.

[Image By via Wikimedia Commons | CC0]