Seattle Seahawks Practice Squad: Team Signs Several Players To Squad

Seattle Seahawks practice squad signings have started now that players have cleared waivers. The Seahawks’ pracitce squad will have some familiar faces on it, as Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith return to the fold. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Williams and Smith got waived as the team dropped to a 53-man roster. Once a player clears waivers, though, they can be signed to the practice squad. A report from the Seattle Times on Sunday (September 6) indicates that the signings have already begun.

The first three players officially added to the practice squad were receiver Kevin Smith, cornerback Justin Coleman, and linebacker Eric Pinkins. Pinkins was a sixth-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft by Seattle, Coleman played for the Tennessee Titans before, and Smith is a receiver out of the University of Washington. All three made an impact on fans during the preseason, with Smith finding a lot of support due to where he went to college.

There are a lot of players that might be good enough to make the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad that were also in camp, making the decisions very tough for general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll. The team also has to make sure to put a quarterback on the practice squad, with R.J. Archer becoming an option after looking pretty good in the NFL preseason. Players that were on waivers could get claimed by any team, though, so some might not be available anymore.

While there isn’t a requirement that the team fills out all 10 spots immediately, there is certainly a rush to sign players before another team can grab them. This is where teams can scour the waiver wire and the list of players that have been cut to find the right combination of prospects to bring on. Some valuable pieces can be found along the way, with the intent to keep them with the franchise to practice with the main team, but also to serve as injury replacements should the need arrive.

More players will be signed as Sunday progresses, with the team likely looking to have most of the squad settled by the time Labor Day hits. Other players that already made the cut include running back Rod Smith, tackle Terry Poole, offensive lineman Will Pericak, and tight end RaShaun Allen. It will be very interesting to see if more of the fan favorites that got placed on waivers wind up with invites to join the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad by the end of the day. Pete Carroll and John Schneider certainly have a busy day in front of them.

[Image Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images]