Drake And Serena Williams Caught Kissing Once Again, Duo Fuels Dating Speculation

Noel Zelindo

Drake and Serena Williams may have sent romance rumors into overdrive after photographers caught the duo sharing a kiss last month, but it looks like Drake and Williams are only fueling the rumors while one fan captures the duo sharing yet another on-camera smooch.

After weeks of speculation regarding the status of the rumored rekindled duo, one fan captured Drake planting a kiss on Williams while the duo exits what appears to be an upscale restaurant or hotel.

All the #Aubrih ship be like....πŸ˜©πŸ˜‘πŸ˜«πŸ˜’Serena and Drake kissing, I don't know when this was or where it was but the fact they're kissing has me likeπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

A video posted by @ovodrakevideos on

A video posted by @ovodrakevideos on

Soon after their kiss, Drake is spotted swiftly making his way to his own SUV before looking around to see if any paparazzi are nearby.

The news comes just weeks after Williams' friends gushed over the duo's romance to E! News.

When asked about the nature of their rekindled relationship, a Williams' insider explains, "Things are heating up with the duo and all of Serena's friends approve of the pair."

Similarly, the insider further explains that Drake is "a true gentleman and is very supportive" of Williams' career and busy schedule.

The source further explains that while it's difficult for the duo to find time to spend together due to conflicting work schedules, Serena and Drake try their hardest to hang out when they have the time.

"They are both private people when it comes to their personal lives," the source reveals.

When asked about how Drake and Williams decided to take their friendship to the next level after calling it quits in 2012, the insider reveals, "Drake has always had a huge crush on Serena, so he is on cloud nine and will continue to court her as much as he can."

William's friend further explains, "Drake is very much Serena's type as well. She is a big fan of him and his music."

While Williams' friends seem to approve of the duo's relationship, television host Wendy Williams is cautioning the tennis professional when it comes to dating Drake due to the rapper's "player" status.

In her September contribution to Life & Style, via Classicalite, Wendy explains that Drake is "the wrong guy" for Serena.

"Rapper Drake and tennis champ Serena Williams have been packing on the PDA in public, but I'm worried Serena is choosing the wrong guy. Drake is younger than she is [he's 28, she's 33] and a bit of a ladies man. If I were her, I'd consider Drake a snack instead of the main course. Move on before you get hurt, girl!"

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy / Brad Barket]