‘Once Upon A Time’ Returns With The Dark Swan

Once Upon a Time will be back in our living rooms in just three more weeks, premiering on Sunday, September 27. In the season 4 finale, we saw that Emma Swan is now “The Dark One.” Emma saved Regina from the darkness and tried to destroy the dagger, but she failed. The darkness consumed her, and all that was left was the dagger minus the Rumplestiltskin moniker. However, a new name appeared, the name was Emma Swan. Oncers, are you ready for the Dark Swan? Well, as the saying goes, “Ready or not, here I come,” so we better get ready!


Once Upon A Time never disappoints and the new season looks like it won’t disappoint either. Will Emma be able to resist her Dark Swan alter-ego? Will the other characters be able to break through to her and help her resist the darkness within? As good as our Savior Swan was, will the Dark Swan be the most villainous of all? Once the season begins, time will only tell, because in the opening episode of season 5, shown below, Swan’s loved ones have no idea where she is. They soon realize that she is no longer in their world.

According to MovieFone, Once Upon A Time producers Kitsis and Horowitz revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Henry will have his first crush, but did not reveal who the crush will be. Once is adding new characters to the show this season as reported by TVLine. Casting calls were made for Merlin, Arthur, and Guinevere. Lancelot has previously appeared on Once Upon A Time and Sinqua Walls (Teen Wolf) will resume that role. Apparently Snow, Charming, Regina, Killian, and Henry will travel to Camelot in search for Merlin in order to save Emma’s Dark Swan. Also joining the show will be Merida (Brave).


Entertainment Weekly reported that the Dark Swan will be trained by none other than Rumpelstiltskin. Apparently while the group is searching for Merlin, the Dark Swan is learning dark magic. With the ongoing battle of good vs. evil, we can only hope that Emma Swan will fight the darkness within her. Hopefully she will remember that only she can decide when the story is over. Here is a scarier peek of the Dark Swan – she definitely is not playing nice!

Here’s a little something more for all you Oncers who are counting the days until the season premiere – ABC posted a Countdown Calendar on their website. You can count down each special Once Upon a Time day until September 27! Today was “Read a Book Day.” Also check out pics from the official Once Instagram account.

[Videos Courtesy of ABC, YouTube]