2016 iPhone 7 Details Emerge Ahead Of iPhone 6s Announcement

Even as the world prepares for the imminent announcement of the new Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models later this month, work is already in progress for the next generation iPhone. Apple is reportedly planning a major update in terms of design with the 2016 iPhone, which is already being dubbed as the iPhone 7. According to an Apple Insider report, the iPhone 7, which is expected to be announced a year from now, will be just over six millimeters thin, making it even thinner than the latest iPod Touch and iPad Air 2 models currently on sale.

Apple Insider cites industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities who revealed the above information in a note to investors on Sunday. The copy of the note was obtained by the publication. According to the note, the iPhone 7 would be between 6.0 and 6.5 millimeters thick. This is on par with the thickness of the iPad Air 2 and the current generation iPod Touch both of which are 6.1 millimeters thick. In comparison, the current iPhone 6 is 6.9 millimeters thick. As for the iPhone 6s set to be announced on September 9, it is expected to be slightly thicker than the existing model at just over seven millimeters. Several rumors claim that the iPhone 6s would be slightly thicker because of the use of the new 7000 Series aluminum to build its frame.

In the note, Kuo adds that Apple will most likely introduce Force Touch with the iPhone 6s. The same technology will get an upgrade in 2016. He adds that in the long run, Apple would use a glass-on-glass solution for force touch. However, this is not expected even on the iPhone 7 as current technology limitations prevent an iPhone with glass-on-glass force touch solutions to be less than 6 millimeters thick.

He writes, “Apple and its suppliers have invested heavily in iPhone Force Touch in 2015 and we believe 2016 new models will stick with a similar Force Touch structure as used in 2015.”

With the September 9 update to the iPhone models mostly being termed an incremental update, it is also expected that the 2016 iPhone 7 would get a major design makeover. This is also speculated owing to the fact that the iPhone has seen major design changes every two years. The new iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus for the same reason is expected to retain a design language similar to the existing iPhone models.

Internally, the iPhone 6s models will get a faster processor and 2GB of RAM. The camera would also see an upgrade. The major addition, however, is expected to be the introduction of Force Touch.

Are you all geared up for the iPhone 6s launch on Wednesday?

[Image Via Yasser Farahi]