Chris Brown Beefs Up Tour Security For The Sake Of Royalty

Her name is Royalty, but she’s not actually an heir to a throne, so why does Chris Brown’s daughter need so much security while on tour with dad? Based on accusations made by the mother of his child, Nia Guzman, Chris Brown is calling in more guards to kill any claims that Royalty is being kept in an unsafe environment. So just how many security guards does it take to make Nia Guzman look like a liar in court?

Recently, Chris Brown added five more guards to his already highly secured tour site. The additional guards will be shadow guards, expected to follow him where ever he goes and keep fans at a respectable distant to ensure no one gets to Royalty. The trouble is, fans are not the dangerous people that Royalty’s mother, Nia, is concerned about. Recently, there have been many instances in which Chris Brown himself and his home have been in danger due to security flaws.

In July, Brown’s home was invaded by armed robbers who managed to get away with money and property after reportedly holding a woman at gunpoint and locking her in a closet. This incident was the beginning of Nia Guzman’s claims that Chris Brown is an unfit parent due to affiliations with the wrong kind of people. This event happened after a crazed stranger was found naked in CB’s bedroom, waiting for him after spending months staking the artist and days living in his home alone. These events are the inspiration behind the new and unique duties of Chris Brown’s “One Hell of a Nite” tour security detail.

Chris Brown has instructed one guard to watch over his jewelry at all times during the tour, TMZ reports. Additionally, he has put strict rules in place for his entourage and dancers. If the crew partakes in any funny business, CB will reportedly send them packing on the first flight home. These actions are all out of apparent love for his daughter, as recently Brown revealed that his next album will be titled Royalty.

As Chris Brown continues to battle Nia Guzman in court for custody of Royalty, it appears that “One Hell of A Nite,” is only for the fans. The only thing missing is a definitive bedtime for CB’s dancers and entourage to go along with his anti-fun policy. Luckily, Chris Brown’s tour began in August and is expected to wrap up soon on September 19.

[Image via Getty Images/Credit: Gabriel Olsen]