‘The Flash’ Season 2: Iris West’s Leading Role Not What We Previously Thought

The Flash Season 2 very much seems to be as much about Season 1 relationships between characters and how they are responding to the events of the first outing, as it is about new characters entering Central City to cause havoc. With Kid Flash/Wally West being introduced in the Flash Season 2, as the Inquisitr reported, it is safe to say that Iris West will be having a bigger role in Team Flash this go-around. Rumors started circling that West will be having a leading role in Team Flash. Comicbook reports that it apparently first surfaced because of what producer Andrew Kreisberg stated in an interview.

“Iris slides into [the role] very naturally. She’s a born leader. One of the best things in the premiere is Barry decides that he wants to work alone because he doesn’t want to risk anyone else’s lives, and Iris is really the one who gets the band back together again. She’s the only one who can stand up to Barry.”

The Flash actress Candace Patton addressed this rumor about her character as, more or less, not true. Iris West will have a pivotal role in “bringing the band back together.”

“I don’t know where you guys are hearing this, but I think it’s a gross exaggeration that Iris is going to take over leadership at S.T.A.R. Labs.What I will say is that she does encourage Barry Allen to come back to S.T.A.R. Labs and get the team together and keep fighting to protect Central City. As far as being a leader at S.T.A.R. Labs? No, that doesn’t happen. Iris has a job. She works at Picture News and we know her as this iconic reporter and what I will say about her strength is that this season we will see her step into that role which I am very excited about because I think she has a lot to offer Team Flash in that way.”

Candace Patton/Iris West is relaying what fans had already seen, or rather heard, at the end of the Flash Comic Con 2015 highlight reel. This does not mean the rumor is false, but it means it is mostly false, and probably will never happen.

Despite the Flash fans being told that Season 2 will bring about a happier tone to Barry’s life, and a much more confident Barry Allen, so far it, seems like The Flash Season 2 will be quite somber. Considering there are over 20 episodes, it is possible that fans are being treated to mostly the latter half. The bigger Iris West question is when The Flash fans will start to see her move closer to being Iris West-Allen.

[Image Via Gage Skidmore]