NASA - Global Warming Threatens Space Agency Here On Earth

Scott Falkner

There is a growing threat to the launch sites of the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), and no, it isn't from extraterrestrials from Mars or Andromeda. Nor is it from foreign terrorists or domestic religious extremists - though the threat is man made.

The launch sites for NASA are under attack by rising sea levels directly related to global warming. NASA has recognized this fact and has warned that their launch sites along United States coastlines could be underwater in the coming years. NASA has claimed that in the very near future, their spacecraft launch sites will have to be retrofitted and moved inland; a move that will be costly to say the least.

NASA climatologist Cynthia Rosenweig gave a statement about the threat.

"Every NASA center has its own set of vulnerabilities, and some are more at risk than others. But sea level rise is a very real challenge for all of the centers along the coast."

Coastal Geologist John Jaeger from the University of Florida commented on the situation.

"Kennedy Space Center may have decades before waves are lapping at the launch pads. Still, when you put expensive, immovable infrastructure right along the coast, something's eventually got to give."

Photo by NASA/Getty Images