Toddler's Body Parts Found Floating In Chicago's Garfield Park Lagoon

In a shocking incident, decomposed body parts of a toddler were recovered from a lagoon located on Chicago's West Side, ABC News reports. The body parts -- which, according to initial reports, include the toddler's decomposed feet and hand -- were found in the Garfield Park lagoon on Saturday afternoon. The incident came to light after a person first saw the left foot of a toddler floating in the lagoon and called up 911.

After law enforcement officials turned up, the right foot and a hand was also recovered from the lagoon -- 25 yards away from where the left foot was found floating. The news of this gruesome discovery has been confirmed by Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. He added that the toddler's body parts were in a badly decomposed state. NBC News reports that a 20-pound weight was also found near the body parts. It is unclear at this stage if the weight has any connection to the apparent killing of the toddler. Investigators have resumed the search for any clues on Sunday and the Chicago Police Department has roped in the help of their marine unit divers to find if any body parts are still in the lagoon. As of late morning, no other body parts were recovered from the lake.

The police chief has added that several "items of interest" were recovered from the scene but declined to comment on the details. He did, however, add that the lagoon might be drained in order to ensure that there are no further remains in it.

Meanwhile, investigations are also on to find the identity of the toddler who died. Guglielmi added that detectives are sifting through the list of missing persons from the Chicago area to find if they could find any link.

Several officers and investigators were seen wading through the water on Sunday, feeling the floor of the lagoon with their hands. Others were seen walking alongside the lake and collecting possible pieces of evidence in a paper bag.

It is also unclear at this stage how the toddler died. It is expected that an autopsy would reveal more information regarding this gruesome incident.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]