Who Won? Lil Wayne Concedes Defeat

Lil Wayne is definitely one of the best rappers in the industry. And just a few days ago, he revealed how he spent his first paycheck in the early days of his music career. This is what he said, according to Hiphop DX.

“I was 14 years old and my first check I got was for $6,500. So 14 years old, a $6,500 check, waving it at your mom, you think you’re doing something. She ain’t bringin’ in no $6,500 check every week, so that was the moment I knew I could do a little something with something.”

This was during an interview on Power Hour.

Apparently, Lil Wayne tried to give the money to his mom, but she refused.

“I gave it to her, but she didn’t want a dime of it and she gave it back. She simply said, ‘Well I don’t want it. Whatever you want to do with it, let’s go.’”

He then went to a Nissan dealership and purchased a Pathfinder.

That said, Lil Wayne has been focusing a lot on skateboarding lately, so much so that some have speculated that he might be too busy skateboarding to even reciprocate messages of affection from his girlfriend, Christina Milan, on social media. This was following a recent flurry of unreciprocated posts from her flaunting her support and love for Lil Wayne.

One of the most notable is a post on Instagram that read as follows.

“Live a beautiful life. Create moments that enhance your living and those around you for the better. Be at peace with lessons learned and know that everything happens for a reason. Stay blessed and smile. Today will be a better day. Love, Tina. Special announcement for you makeup lovers at @wearepopculture, Evolve & Don’t Settle for less than Happiness.”

Of course, even though Weezy didn’t respond to the message droves of fans offered their admiration for Milian. The following were some of the responses.

“youtellme69: It’s feel like God him self came down to make you”

“big_g_the_grinder: You is so fly you can make a dude give his first love a second thought”

“94.foreverr: Still lookin like a young breezy”

Speaking of skateboarding, it seems like Lil Wayne is a better rapper than he is a skateboarder. And when it comes to comparing Lil Wayne with Justin Bieber, many have debated about who is better.

However, TMZ caught up with Lil Wayne yesterday and posed the question to him. His answer – Justin is better.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Billboard]