Merchandising Gone Wild: Angry Birds Ice Cream? [VIDEO]

Angry Birds Merchandising has gotten a little out of hand. Andrew Stalbow of Rovio, the company that designed the popular mobile game in which players fling birds form a slingshot to kill pigs which have stolen their eggs, has stated that over a million tee shirts and a over a million plush Angry Birds toys are sold monthly. So far so normal. But not only has Angry Birds crossed over into jewelry, as the Inquisitr recently reported, but they have even gotten into the snack market with Angry Birds ice cream.

Seen in Israel, the ice cream, which is distributed by Nestle, comes embossed with an angry bird face and a small figurine of a different bird inside of each bar. You can see the figurines here.

Angry Birds, in its various incarnations, have proven extremely popular, with a new television series in the works, a Chome App, a Windows App and iOS, Android and WP7 versions that have sold over a billion copies.

The ice cream is nothing special but kids in Israel are said to be going nuts over it, just for the tiny toys included in the box.

You can see a video of Andrew Stalbow of Rovio discussing the Angry Birds merchandising juggernaut below.

According to his bio on CrunchBase, Stalbow, a marketing expert, previously worked as “Senior Vice President of Mobile at Fox Digital Entertainment [and] was responsible for app publishing and video licensing for 20th Century Fox properties such as ‘Glee’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Simpsons’, and worked with Rovio on the development of the Angry Birds Rio game, a unique integration between ‘Angry Birds’ and the Fox film ‘Rio’.”

Andrew Stalbow on Merchandising Angry Birds