Young Thug: ‘I’m A Genius,’ Wants To Collaborate With Kanye

Since a “genius” is defined as someone with either a) extremely high intelligence or b) a rare and precious gift, public opinion may differ on whether Young Thug is indeed the genius he claims to be, according to an interview with BBC Radio’s DJ Semtex after his debut UK performance last week at London’s O2 Academy, as reported by DJBooth.

There is absolutely no doubt that the eccentric rapper has a large following, from sold out shows to massive amounts of Google hits. Many are curious about his latest brush with the law; he’s been indicted for a plot to attempt to kill Lil Wayne last April, which he flatly denies.

He’s also rumored to be the first gay thug rapper, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, but that is difficult to declare since everyone is not overt about their sexual preferences, including Young Thug, and he has been known to be romantically involved with women. Speculation has occurred since he got the same ice cream tattoo on his cheek as Gucci Mane, who is serving time in prison for assault. Thugger has been known to take to Instagram to declare his love for Gucci Mane, as well as other similar declarations of adoration for Birdman and Lil Wayne.

While on tour in Europe, he claims he loves it there and would like to stay there, but that’s unlikely given the plethora of legal issues that await him here in the States. He is not only in legal trouble for the alleged incident with Lil Wayne, he has also been charged with assault after threatening to shoot a mall security guard after Thug and his entourage was asked to leave. He did leave the mall before police arrived, but a warrant of his home turned up cocaine and marijuana, the latter of which Young Thug has never been secretive about smoking.

Although he’s had his share of difficulty, he continues to enjoy lots of time in the public spotlight. Hy!£UN35, his new album, has had a delayed release date, but Thug says that is of no matter because it will be perfect when it is released, including his new song “Stunna,” according to Hot New Hip Hop.

“You can expect… humble, culture, perfection and no leaks… and a possible collaborative album with Kanye West at some point, that can happen whenever, whenever he’s ready.”

While there’s been no word from the Kanye team on that being a possibility, it wouldn’t be surprising considering Young Thug’s massive appeal. While many admire his music, many also admire his ability to be eccentric. Perhaps he is right about being a genius.

[Photo by Instagram]