One Direction Smoking As Finished Album Announced

It can be difficult for One Direction fans in North America to believe that 1D’s On The Road Again tour is almost over. With less than one week until their final September 12 show in Boston, fans are giving a few departing words to One Direction — and some themes are unexpected.

While many of the reports about the One Direction concert in Montreal told concert-goers to fear the heavy construction going on around the city, true One Direction fans persevered — and reaped the benefits.

The Montreal Gazette wrote a review on September 5 and stated that One Direction had a special announcement for Montreal.

“During Saturday’s show, there was no mention of Zayn or of their impending hiatus. They did however announce that they had completed their next album and had chosen their next single to release.”

While 1D fans will certainly be pleased to learn that a new One Direction song is on the way — One Direction may not have been prepared for the backlash related to Liam Payne smoking a cigarette.

The Mirror reports that on September 6, Liam Payne posted a picture of himself holding a cigarette while on the way to the Montreal One Direction concert, and this small indiscretion inflamed some of his fans. They stated, “Fans soon flooded the picture with comments, with many criticizing him smoking and saying they were disappointed.”

One Direction members have taken issue with the press and fans criticizing their personal habits in the past. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction was reprimanded for smoking by fans around March 5.

Historically, the main cigarette smokers in One Direction have been Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. Despite the fact that one is usually singled out for smoking cigarettes, all five members of One Direction have been photographed in the past four years smoking cigarettes — if Twitter photos for the search term “One Direction cigarette” can be believed.

Usually, when the issue of smoking cigarettes comes up around One Direction, they do not choose to comment on the situation.

As far as reasons that One Direction smokes cigarettes, there were plenty of opinions published on September 5. About the backlash associated with Liam Payne posting a picture on Instagram of him smoking on a private jet, Ahlan Live states the following.

“The One Direction boys are growing up and they want you to know it.”

On the same topic, The Daily Star writes on September 6 that One Direction’s smoky plane ride with Liam Payne made him a “Rebel without a cause…?”

[Feature image via Stephen Lovekin/Stringer/Getty Images]