Retired Arab Truck Driver (Dad To 93) To Father 100 Kids By 2015

A 65 year old retiree in the United Arab Emirates has decided to have 100 children by 2015 and he has already had 93 in pursuit of his goal, the Times of Ummah has reported. The one legged former truck driver, Daad Murad Abdul Rahman, can be seen here discussing his children, who have been born to him by his many wives. His quest is currently being financially supported by a local sheik who believes in his mission to bolster the expanding population of their small nation of four million.

Since Islamic law only permits the taking of four wives at one time, the very aptly named Daad has married and divorced repeatedly since he first began siring offspring in the 1960s. He supports his children and former wives in the series of houses between which he splits his time.

The geriatric’s newest wife is said to be a 19 year old girl named Nadia from Pakistan and his newest child is expected by November/December 2012.

“My last marriage was to a Baluchi girl, who is just 19-years old. She is very beautiful. I enjoyed life with two other Baluchi wives. One is already retired and at 50 years, she is busy bringing up her four children.”

“Majida, another wife from Baluchistan, is currently enjoying the warmth of my love. At 25, she is also good, but I spend most of my time with Nadia now days because she is young, newly-married and there is no children to disturb us.”

“The countdown has started with my 93rd baby.Fifteen of my children are already married and have their children. The total family members now number 140. The seven lucky ones will be born this year or next year.”

He has so many children, he said, that he cannot remember all of their names.

Moreover, the 65 year old sex machine said with pride, “I don’t believe in taking any natural sex additives like Viagra and thanks to God, I have the stamina to satisfy all my wives.”