'Indiana Jones,' 'Sons Of Anarchy' Actor Skinned, Cooked, Ate Ex-Girlfriend's Pet Rabbit

Actor Dimitri Diatchenko, who has previously starred in Sons of Anarchy and Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull, has pled no contest to skinning, cooking, and then eating his ex-girlfriend's rabbit.

According to Sky News, the Hollywood actor will now serve 60 days community service for his actions. Dimitri Diatchenko, 47, committed this deed back in December in response to her saying that they should stop living together.

Diatchenko decided to respond by murdering Ella the rabbit and then proceeded to skin her, before eating her. He even documented his actions before sending rather graphic and gory pictures to his former girlfriend.

Radar Online have also reported that after sending these horrific pictures to his ex-girlfriend, Diatchenko then warned her that she would "suffer a similar fate."

Diatchenko appeared in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, where he pled guilty to animal cruelty. As well as having to serve 60 hours community service, the judge also insisted that Diatchenko should spend 48 hours in animal cruelty counselling. He is now also on three years probation. The court has withheld the identity of Diatchenko's partner from the public.

Diatchenko has found fame after appearing in a variety of television shows and movies. These have included his performance opposite Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Tomb Raider, and Chernobyl Diaries, while he has also appeared in the likes of Sons of Anarchy and How I Met Your Mother.

After the release of this judgment, you might have thought that Diatchenko would should some remorse to his actions. However, he has since taken to Twitter to fight back while attempting to prove just how much of an animal lover he is. In fact, Diatchenko uploaded a picture of his pet dogs to showcase just that.

Meanwhile, after receiving some abuse because of his actions to his ex-girlfriend's rabbit, Diatchenko decided to come out all guns blazing.

He then concluded by simply writing, "BTW, GFY means GO F*** YOURSELVES. F*** RABBITS. THEY TASTE GREAT."

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]