How To Kiss: A Guide To Kissing For Pleasure

We’ve all seen the movie, where the young boy who’s never kissed before practises on a watermelon, the mirror, or even his own hand. But the art of the kiss is more than groping with your lips. There is an entire repertoire of body movements, words, whispers, feelings, eternal moments, and communication with the lips, mouth, and tongue all coordinated like some well orchestrated machine — though, it doesn’t always go that way. This can all be overwhelming for some, so this guide will help give you the confidence to try your best at this beautiful human expression of feeling and pleasure.

According to Neel Burton, M.D., kissing is part of our instinct, if not always culturally acceptable, and all animals have these “mating rituals.”

“Primates such as Bonobo apes frequently kiss one another; dogs and cats lick and nuzzle one another, and members of other species; even snails and insects engage in antennal play.”

This article will continue with five types of kisses, which are by no means all of the types, but should cover the big ones.

The Mafia “Kiss Of Death” — This one isn’t for pleasure, but it’s included as it is the one example when kissing is not for pleasure. In the Mafia, a “kiss of death” is when you are informed you will die by the clear message of a firm kiss on the lips by your boss or colleague. Here is the famous Godfather 2 kiss of death in the “You broke my heart Fredo” scene.

The First Kiss — The first kiss is perhaps the most special and most, if not all, people remember it. This can be the first kiss ever or the first kiss with your boo. In both cases, the kiss is a special and memorable experience as each person gives and receives non-verbal cues which bring together the two’s faces (hopefully without bumping noses) for the act. The first kiss can happen spontaneously or can be something planned. The best first kiss is when neither person is expecting it and then, in a rush of emotion, the two touch lips and feel the mutual electricity and exuberance of the adrenaline pumping the blood of the passions.

But the first kiss is about subtlety and the innocence of moving from having never kissed to starting something more and that means talking gently and sharing the moment, not just jumping to stick your tongue down the other person’s throat. No better example of this can be found than the classic scene from Blue Lagoon, when Brooke Shields’ and Christopher Atkins’ characters naturally discover that that “feeling” in their stomachs is telling them to do something, which is, of course, to have their first kiss.

The I-Missed-You-So-Much Kiss — “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” — A phrase first appearing in Francis Davison’s Poetical Rhapsody in 1602. When you are away from your lover, you desire them more each moment you are without them. In fact, to keep a relationship going, there should be plenty of necessary departures, as the arrivals are so much fun, particularly evidenced by the fact that at airports, it is the one place a tight embrace followed by a long kiss is not only accepted, but expected. Be careful at which airport you do this, however, as in some countries, public kissing is not allowed.

But virtually anywhere in the world, when you’ve not seen your significant other for a long time, the I-missed-you-so-much kiss is one of the most satisfying. In the movie Love Actually (2003), the embracing of lovers, as well as family and friends, involves plenty of hugging and kissing at the airport.

The Passionate Kiss — The passionate kiss is perhaps the apex of all kisses. It is the one responsible for moving from the stage of staring longingly at the eyes of our lover over a candle-lit table and tall wine glasses filled with vintage red to not having the patience to make it to the bedroom, so you end up stripping and consummating your lust on the proverbial (and literal) staircase leading to the bedroom. Besides the obvious advice (breath mints are a must), when each party feels the butterflies in the stomach and the ache in their loins, the passionate kiss can be a great way to keep up the intensity from start to finish, keeping the love and intimacy between the two of you alive throughout the experience. There are several opinions about passionate kissing, but so-called “French Kissing” seems to be the most popular. In fact, there are several technique videos published on the Internet.

How to french kiss, by Johnny Depp. 😁 #CryBaby — JERRY ツ (@iamakkian) August 28, 2015

And the prize for best acted passionate kiss goes to Mike and Rachel Passionate Kiss — ‘I Love You’ — SUITS — Conflict of Interest – S03E04:

The Wedding Day Kiss — The whole family is present to witness your oath to love a person “’till death do you part.” Most wedding traditions have a kiss involved. Christians kiss at the altar in front of a priest or minister and in front of a crowd of friends and family, traditionally taking the bride backwards over his arm and holding her firm while giving a longish — but not too long — kiss to display the romantic component of love, something invariably tied to marriage in most cultures. Let’s have a look at two videos of the perfect wedding day kiss.

Ken and Barbie get married in the following scene which epitomises the fantasy wedding of most Barbie fans.

Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube Wedding Day With Ken – Wedding Dress, Kiss With Ken and Wedding Party — #Legionário V.L (@LegioAlisson) August 28, 2015

This couple saved their first kiss for their wedding day, thereby combining the raw power of first kiss jitters, passionate love, and wedding day kiss bliss into one beautiful moment.

That concludes our guide on kissing. I hope you enjoyed the very brief, but hopefully informative, peek into the lovely world of kissing.

[Image by Andrease Rentz /Getty Images]