Soon Smartphones Will Be Able To Zap Your Brain To ‘Ease’ Symptoms Of Motion Sickness And Other Ailments

Just when you thought smartphones had already reached the genius level, new technology exists that could electrically zap your brain, ridding it of motion sickness symptoms. This technology comes in the form of an app, and a group of researchers at Imperial College London may have found other areas of the brain the zapper can target as well, including the area that causes addiction.

Researchers tested the brain-zapping technology in a trial of 20 people, according to BBC News, and discovered that one zap may also rid people of the urge to take drugs. The drug trial was not as extensive as the motion sickness trial, which resulted in a high success rate. But just how does the electric shock app work?

Scientists have reportedly discovered that motion sickness is merely a result of mixed messages in your brain, which affects the communication between your eyes and ears. In other words, one’s internal body loses balance. The electric zap that is generated through the app stimulates the brain and interferes with the messages it is sending out, thus rebalancing the body. The entire study for this app was conducted with a device that closely resembles the “electric chair,” however, the “chunder chair” has special ways of intercepting brain messages that contributed to the success of the study.

The chunder chair was a device in which participants were spun around on an angle and typically developed motion sickness in a matter of seconds. In their second go-around, participants here given an electric shock before the spinning began and motion sickness took much longer to develop once the chunder chair started moving. Lead researcher Dr. Qadeer Arshad has recently expressed that the small trial of only 20 participants is only the beginning of the electric zap, motion sickness reversal technology. The doctor predicts that in just a few years, the technology will be a huge deal.

“We are confident that within five to ten years people will be able to walk into the chemist and buy an anti-seasickness device. It may be something like a tens machine that is used for back pain. We hope it might even integrate with a mobile phone, which would be able to deliver the small amount of electricity required via the headphone jack. In either case, you would temporarily attach small electrodes to your scalp before travelling – on a cross channel ferry, for example.”

The electric zapping app, which will one day be available on smartphones, does not yet have a name. Researchers found that during the trail, the electric shock was not harmful to any cognitive brain function and, therefore, concludes that is would be safe if added to smartphone app stores. The study for the electric zap, motion sickness cure is published in the journal of Neurology.

[Image via Shutterstock]