WWE News: WWE Diva Eva Marie To Win WWE NXT Women’s Championship Soon?

WWE NXT has, on their own, brought back women’s wrestling to WWE. The main roster has had talented women over the years, but when people like Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Trish Stratus, Lita, and other top WWE Divas left, the roster was filled with models who were used for their looks and not their in-ring ability. This angered fans because everyone wanted to see great in-ring action from top to bottom, including Diva matches.

NXT started to bring in talented women with Indy experience and even hired trainers like Sara Amoto, who was able to train the girls correctly. Stars like Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch were able to bring us fantastic matches. Some of them even main evented NXT events. These girls are box office, and that says a lot about where pro wrestling is going compared to where it was between five and 10 years ago.

Today, a girl needs to have a good look but also possess great in-ring ability to win over fans. Then there is Eva Marie. To be fair to her, she hasn’t been given a fair chance from day one. She was thrown onto WWE Total Divas just to help as a reality show star. She was then thrown onto WWE RAW and SmackDown with little training and expected to give us good or solid matches. That is far too much pressure on someone who is still a rookie. To compare, most NXT girls don’t even wrestle an NXT live event until months into training.

Yet, Marie was thrown into things randomly. Fans hated her because she was terrible all around. She fit what WWE fans hated the most: a barbie who was good to look at but couldn’t do much else. NXT is literally anti-established order when it comes to women. So you can imagine how things went when she was put on WWE NXT shows. Fans not only booed her, they have continuously hated on her in every way possible from signs at events to online bashing.

Eva Marie has improved in the ring, but she still is a botch machine. Just this past week on NXT, she was in a match where she didn’t kick out in time, and the ref stopped the count early. Fans booed her out of the building. While she has been changed into a heel storyline wise (which was never really established creatively) there is starting to be an issue with how she will come off to NXT fans.

So you can imagine how interesting things will get with this bit of news. Eva Marie and Dana Brooke are in line for NXT Women’s Championship shots. Brooke is not terrible in the ring, but she is annoying for fans. She needs to improve all around, but she plays a good heel, especially when up against the over babyface that is NXT Women’s Champion Bayley.

Meanwhile, Marie cannot come close in the ring to even Brooke, much less someone like Bayley. Yet, according to the Wrestling Observer, she is going to get a title match most likely at the next Takeover event. There is some speculation that the match will end up bringing a triple threat with Marie, Brooke, and Bayley.

Bayley was not expected to lose her championship anytime soon. However, WWE is said to be high on Eva Marie and want to validate her by making her NXT Women’s Champion. She very well could take the title off of Bayley earlier than anyone anticipated.

According to the Observer, “They believe they can tell the story of her proving her critics wrong through her hard work. WWE officials are very impressed with how hard she’s been training and respect the fact that she’s putting in the effort and trying to get better. Although they know she has a long way to go, they are already thinking about future storyline plans for her. One developmental source directly told us, “Her constant training on a daily basis with Brian Kendrick doesn’t go unnoticed.”

If WWE even knows she has a long way to go, why in the world would they throw a title on her just to validate her? She has worked to get better, and we can see that there is some improvement. However, she is not nearly good enough yet. She is still botching matches in major ways as recently as last week.

She needs to work with Kendrick far more and even Sara Amoto. She is by no means ready to be on the main roster as of yet or even NXT. At this point, NXT and their women’s division is seen as a big deal. If it were to drop off, fans will blame it on Eva Marie. That would fully end any validity she might get by being champion. WWE might surprise us, however, so we will have to see where things go.

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