Chris McKinley Wrong House Police Shooting: Cops Made Phony Report Of Shocking Screw-Up, Lawyer Says

A lawyer for Chris McKinley, the victim of a bizarre wrong house police shooting in DeKalb, Georgia, on August 31 now says that the police report of the horrendous blunder by three officers is filled with inaccuracies that bear little resemblance to what happened the night McKinley was shot in the leg and his dog was pointlessly killed by the cops.

The hail of gunfire also resulted in one of the officers shooting a fellow officer, who wound up in the hospital in serious condition.

The frightening and deadly shooting happened when three DeKalb officers responded to a 911 call reporting a suspicious person in the normally quiet suburban neighborhood. That person turned out simply be a relative of a neighborhood resident, and the 911 caller told TV station WXIA he informed a 911 operator that he was at the end of a cul-de-sac, but the officers went to McKinley’s house at the opposite end of the neighborhood.

When the three cops — Travis Jones, Quhanna Lloyd, and Timothy Hadren — arrived at McKinley’s home, they entered through an unlocked back door and, within seconds, shot the family’s dog three times, shot McKinley in the leg, and shot Jones as well.

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When attorney Jeff Brickmans saw the official police report of the incident, he says he was stunned.

“It almost makes you think they’re talking about a different case,” he told WSB-TV in Atlanta.

The report claims that the officers entered the home responding to a “burglary in progress,” contradicting the 911 caller Derek Perez’s account of what he told the dispatcher.

But the report says that the officers identified themselves by calling out “DeKalb police!” upon entering the home.

Not true, says the McKinley family lawyer.

“Nobody ever announced before they came into the house that they were DeKalb police,” Brickman told the TV station.

The report also claims that the 36-year-old McKinley “burst out of a closed door” accompanied by a “pit bull” that charged the officers.

“Chris McKinley didn’t burst out of any closed door,” Brickman continued. “He doesn’t have a pit bull.”

Indeed, the slain dog, pictured above right, was a 10-year-old female boxer that was so friendly the McKinley couple’s 1-year-old son cuddled with the dog, his “special friend,” as if the pet were a pillow, according to Brickman.

The child was sleeping in the room directly adjacent to the one the officers entered when the cops unleashed the shower of lead.

Chris McKinley and his wife, Leah, were simply watching a movie on TV, sitting on a couch, when police burst into the wrong house and started shooting, the lawyer said.

[Images: Facebook, WSB-TV]