Liam Payne’s Tattoo: A ‘Quiet Ones’ Horror Movie Reference?

Did Liam Payne just reveal his dark side with a spooky statement tattooed on his body? As it appears, “we are the quiet ones” may have a double meaning — if fans take a popular horror movie into consideration.

Liam Payne recently gave himself a couple of new tattoos around his August 29 birthday — and fans have enjoyed trying to dissect the possible meaning behind them, according to Seventeen.

However, are fans overlooking the obvious clues written directly on Liam Payne’s arm?

When describing Liam Payne’s new birthday tattoo, MTV stated on September 3 that “Liam Payne was spotted leaving Rising Dragon Tattoos in New York City this week with his right forearm all bandaged up. We’ve since seen that he opted for a skull and roses design on his right forearm, with a banner that reads ‘we are the quiet ones.’”

Although Bustle thinks that Liam Payne is channeling Rihanna or Zayn Malik with his new tattoo — could a movie be the basis of Liam Payne’s inspiration?

Released in 2014, a British film called The Quiet Ones described paranormal research about manifesting ghosts. The Quiet Ones was based on a real psychology experiment that took place in the early 1970s in Toronto.

Would Liam Payne have some reason to be moved to tattoo this movie’s name on his body? Although some rate The Quiet Ones poorly, reviewers at Roger Ebert’s website said it was actually a chilling horror movie and stated, “[i]f you look at a horror movie’s prime directive to be to scare the viewer, there’s no denying that, at times, The Quiet Ones got me.”

History Versus Hollywood wrote up a review of the movie The Quiet Ones and gave some clues about why Liam Payne might have chosen this movie as a tattoo. About the Philips Experiment that The Quiet Ones is based on, they state the following.

“[T]he purpose of the real experiment was to prove that the supernatural is a manifestation of what already exists in the mind. Proving such a hypothesis true doesn’t necessarily mean that ghosts aren’t real. It just means that they are created by us, instead of coming from somewhere else… Basically, thinking of a ghost and providing it an identity might be enough to conjure it into existence.”

Could any of these theories about Liam Payne’s “quiet ones” tattoo and the horror movie be connected? Is this tattoo a way for Liam Payne to remind himself that his imagination is so good that his paranoia could actually feel real?

Unfortunately, there are no official statements from Liam Payne at this time explaining the meaning behind his new tattoos. All fans do know is that Liam Payne is a fan of at least one horror movie.

On October 3, 2014, MTV reports that Liam Payne took time to tweet that “Annabelle was a scary movie.” Nevertheless, there are no current reports to confirm or deny if Liam Payne is a huge fan of The Quiet Ones.

[Feature image via Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]