September 6, 2015
Xenia Deli, Model From Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean?' Video, Is The Target Of Online Hate & Threats

Xenia Deli is receiving a crash course in the dark side of fame. The 25-year-old model from Moldova says she has received threats from fans of Justin Bieber as a result of her role in the singer's "What Do You Mean?" video. Deli recently told Harper's Bazaar that she has been overwhelmed by the backlash she has experienced because of her steamy scenes with the pop singer.

"There have been so many negative comments," Xenia Deli told the magazine. "I wasn't expecting this reaction — I thought everyone would be excited! I can't do anything about it though. It's not about me. Whatever they do, it doesn't say anything about me, it says more about them. But I just want to say, I didn't do anything wrong, I was just doing my job. I'm not taking Justin away from his fans. I'm so sensitive to what people think about me, so I just stopped reading the comments."

In the interview, Deli described a grueling, two-day video shoot that included one 24-hour long session on the set. She said that when she finally saw the finished video of "What Do You Mean?," she broke down crying because she knew the production was the result of hard work by everyone involved.

Xenia also dished a bit on Justin Bieber, noting that the two "had to make out a lot" for the sake of the project.

"Yes, he's a good kisser."
Despite their onscreen chemistry, Xenia Deli denies that she has any plans for a real-life relationship with The Bieb.

Xenia did win over some fans despite the harsh words of some rogue Beliebers. Deli shared her enthusiasm about an interview with Entertainment Tonight via Instagram regarding her work in the above-noted video, and she received encouragement and support from a number of her 205,000 followers. In the comments on her post, one fan noted her humility in the ET interview and another complimented her "adorable" accent.

Xenia Deli isn't the only woman to catch some guff from Justin Bieber's fans over "What Do You Mean?" As previously noted by Inquisitr, comedienne Lena Dunham ruffled the feathers of Bieber enthusiasts when she implied that some of the lyrics of the song perpetuate rape culture. She continued stirring the pot with an Instagram selfie that lampooned Bieber's signature hairdo from the heartthrob's younger days.

Like Lena Dunham, Xenia Deli does not seem inclined to run and hide from the likes of any bullying Beliebers. Since launching her modeling career several years ago, Deli has spent a good deal of time in the public eye. And although her prominent role in "What Do You Mean?" is a huge feather in her cap at present, she is sure to see even bigger successes in her very promising future.

[Image via Instagram/xeniadeli]