‘Batman V Superman’ Photos Officially Released By DC Comics

DC Comics has officially released new New Batman v Superman photos, showing Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) dressed in civilian clothes and a new look at the super cool Batmobile, plus a very, very angry Superman (Henry Cavill).

The new images come courtesy of DC Comics and were originally posted in Empire magazine, but are now officially released. First we have a better, up-close and personal look at Gal Gadot in her Diana Prince persona, stepping out into the streets of what we believe is Gotham, the place where Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) lives.

If this particular Batman v Superman photo looks slightly familiar, you’re not imagining things. Dozens of locals were following the filming of the Zack Snyder blockbuster while the production was shooting in Detroit, Michigan, last summer.

This is one of the locations we saw back then and in July, when re-shoots for the film were going on in the Midwestern city.

In the next Batman v Superman photo we see the super cool Batmobile that Ben Affleck will be using to chase Superman and the bad guys. To say that this car is one of the things fans are looking forward to is a major understatement. Check out this image.

Warner Bros. also released an official Batman v Superman photo of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and Jeremy Irons as his loyal butler, Alfred. Without knowing many details about the plot and just by Affleck’s broody looks, we can assume he is visiting his ancestral home, which in the film has seen better days.

We finally get to see Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), along with Perry White (Laurence Fishburne). Not sure what is going on in this still, but perhaps, the Daily Planet boss is discussing Batman’s re-surfacing. It will be interesting to see how Lois and Clark’s relationship moves forward after Man of Steel.

Bruce Wayne appears to be contemplating coming out of retirement in this Batman v Superman photo. We know that Batman is angry at Superman for the destruction he caused in that battle against General Zod (Michael Shannon) and he wants to confront the alien.

Are you excited to see new Batman v Superman photos?

[Image via Warner Bros.]