September 6, 2015
Selena Gomez And Taylor Lautner Sizzle At Club: Is It Romance?

When Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner were spotted leaving a Hollywood restaurant, The Nice Guy, together on September 4, the romance rumors rekindled, and "tongues wagged." Hollywood Life reports that although Selena, 23, "has a love life that has had more twists and turns than a roller coaster," her rumored ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, might be the one to smooth out some of those twists.

An insider told Hollywood Life there was nothing to the rumors, and Selena and Taylor weren't together at the restaurant.

"She wasn't with Taylor, although he was at the restaurant at the same time, and they briefly said hello to one another, but she was more focused on her friends."
The source said that Selena was out with pals from her church. They dropped by The Nice Guy, where "she nibbled on some appetizers, had a few drinks, but didn't go too wild. She does love dressing up though wherever she goes and feels more grown up now than ever before."

Gomez and Lautner, who played werewolf Jacob Black in Twilight, presented together at the 2011 VMAs. The awards ceremony took place shortly after they had "reportedly broken up," but it was never fully confirmed that they'd actually been a couple. Since then, Selena's "high-profile" relationship with Bieber eclipsed the story of what may or may not have happened between Gomez and Lautner. Now that the Bieber days are done with, fans are interested in Lautner again.

It's not going to happen though, according to the insider who spoke with Hollywood Life.

"Selena thinks Taylor is a sweetheart and he's obviously hot, but she's so not into dating him again. Selena wants a guy with more of an edge. They have mutual friends so they hung out, had a few drinks and talked for a bit, but it was just friendly."
It could be that Selena just isn't ready to start dating again. Earlier on the day that she went out to The Nice Guy and ran into Taylor, Selena tweeted about dealing with some insecurites she's had about herself.

She said that she was "always insecure" with her speaking voice because "it's so low," and isn't "feminine-sounding."

The work she's doing in her new movie, Neighbors 2, has let Selena get to a place where she appreciates her low voice. She recognizes that it adds an "exciting" quality to who she is. Fans agree with that.[Image via Kevin Winter / Getty Images]