‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale: 12 Contestants Leave Before Final Rose Ceremony — Who Leaves ‘Paradise’ In Love?

The Bachelor in Paradise two-night season finale will leave some viewers confused about the shocking decisions several cast members make. Who will move on to the final rose ceremony and who leaves Paradise broken hearted?

[Spoilers ahead]

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that twelve contestants will leave before the final rose ceremony, leaving 10 contestants (five couples) to decide if they want to end their relationship immediately or spend the night in the fantasy suite. Amidst the drama, tears, and at least one shocking breakup, spoilers indicate that there will be three couples who leave the show in a relationship.

Sunday night’s show is a continuation of last week’s episode, with several more dates and one more rose ceremony prior to the final rose showdown that will air Monday night.

Before anyone goes home on Sunday night, one more contestant will arrive at the Playa Escondida Resort. Cassandra Ferguson from Juan Pablo’s season is the last to arrive but ends up having more luck than some of the girls who arrived on night one.

While Ashley I. is off discussing her virginity with Jared on an unexpected fantasy suite date, Cassandra chooses to go on a date with Justin. Both single parents, they make a connection that will get them through to the final rose ceremony.

Nick, who told Chris Harrison that he came on the show to meet Samantha, finally gets his chance when Jaclyn gives him her date card. Apparently giving Dan a rose last week meant nothing to Samantha as she moves on to guy number three.

Five contestants will leave before Sunday night’s rose ceremony takes place: Dan, Juelia, Jaclyn, Jared, and Ashley I. Apparently things didn’t go so well for Jared and Ashley on their overnight date.

During the rose ceremony, Mackenzie turns down Mikey’s rose, so they both leave Paradise as single as they came. Also leaving are Chelsie, Amber, and Ashley S. because no one gave them a rose.

That leaves Carly, Cassandra, Samantha, Jade, Tenley, Kirk, Nick, Justin, Tanner, and Joshua to move on to the season finale.

The five final couples need make an important decision ahead of the final rose ceremony — go on an overnight date in the Fantasy Suite or break up and leave Paradise. One couple won’t make it to the rose ceremony, and their breakup will undoubtedly be one of the most surprising moments of the season.

According to Us Weekly, Kirk will dump a “shocked” Carly before their Fantasy Suite date. Although last week’s teaser shows Jade crying, there is speculation that she is upset because Carly, who has become her close friend, is heartbroken.

There will be one more split before the show is over. Reality Steve claims that Tenley breaks up with Joshua, stating in a recent blog post that she was “never going to continue a relationship with Josh outside of this show.”

If spoilers are correct, Justin and Cassandra and Nick and Samantha will leave the show in a relationship. Tanner and Jade will channel their inner Lacy and Marcus and get engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale.

Watch the two-night Bachelor in Paradise season finale at 8 p.m. ET on September 6 and 7.

[Image: ABC]