It’s A Wrap! ‘The X-Files’ Finishes Up With A Bloody And Battered Fox Mulder [Gallery]

Just a few weeks after The X-Files revival was scheduled to wind down production, Gillian Anderson announced to her Twitter followers that The X-Files revival had wrapped up production, as reported by Daily Mail.

Photos from the set reveal some odd circumstances with David Duchovny looking much the worse for wear as Fox Mulder and implying that he may have lost some crucial battle, or at least taken more than his share of the beating in this final installment of the six-episode X-Files revival. Meanwhile, Gillian Anderson looks as officious and well-groomed as ever in her role as Dana Scully, which might imply that the once inseparable pair closed out this season of The X-Files by going their own separate ways.

While filming on The X-Files took up much of the actors’ time, Gillian has taken this weekend to attend Fan Expo Canada in Toronto and even stopped by the Toronto Sun to answer a few questions about the highly secretive revival of The X-Files.

Although The X-Files is foremost on everyone’s mind, Ms. Anderson did mention that not everyone is concerned with the show’s revival, when they first meet her.

“Every once in a while somebody comes up and says that Playing by Heart is their favorite film, or that they saw Bleak House, or Great Expectations,” Anderson said. “It’s always surprising to me that people actually have seen those things.”

It seems curious, especially to long time fans of The X-Files that it took so long for an X-Files revival and one has to wonder why it never was the right time to bring The X-Files back until now, but Ms. Anderson has a sensible answer to that.

“We were so focused on the idea that we would do a film, and also, until recently, doing a TV drama meant you were committing to between 20 and 24 episodes,” The X-Files actress explained. “That was just not going to happen, for either David or I. Only in the last few years has it become acceptable for networks to do short stack (short seasons). That was our in. It took some convincing for me, but it was the right time for all of us, I think.”

Gillian, reflecting back on the years she spent on screen with David Duchovny, refers to the way they interact with one another as “subtle chemistry,” but, even as she speaks about it, The X-Files star has to admit it’s much more than that.

“Chris Carter was very clever in casting us, in that there’s energy that exists just when David and I are standing in a room together,” Anderson said. “What was interesting, I guess, is the writers completely (capitalized) on that, and drew out that reality as long as they possibly could.”

Gillian goes on to explain that even audiences were affected by the way Mulder and Scully interacted on The X-Files.

“It was to the point where the tiniest touch of the hand in season five would make people freak out. So I don’t know how subtle that is, given that it was so manipulated.”

It remains to be seen if that “subtle chemistry” still exists between The X-Files‘ Anderson and Duchovny, but, with spoilers and teasers at a minimum, there is definitely more than enough fan anticipation to make up for any lack of chemistry.

The X-Files revival will premiere on Sunday, January 24, 2016 on Fox.

[Featured image: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson courtesy of Fox/The X-Files]