New York Mets Rumors: Matt Harvey Shutting Himself Down For Year

New York Mets rumors about Matt Harvey have surfaced again. This time the Mets rumors have been created by Harvey himself, who may have decided that he is ready to shut it down for the 2015 MLB season. A report from CBS Sports relayed quotes that Harvey has just made about not pitching past a 180-inning limit. He won’t address questions about pitching in the postseason, and seems to be backing away from prior claims that he wasn’t going to be limited this season.

This is not information that many sports writers liked hearing, especially after a season of Harvey saying he didn’t need any limits and that he was tired of people bringing it up. Now comes the shocking news that he is shutting down his arm once he reaches 180 innings, putting the Mets in a very difficult position. This is something the front office could have addressed by adding more depth before the deadline, but Harvey hid that information from the coaching staff until it was too late.

Addressing these New York Mets rumors about Matt Harvey, New York Post writer Mike Vaccaro did not hold back in a scathing article about the All-Star pitcher. He begins the article by calling Harvey a hypocrite for what he has done, suggesting that Mets fans should be mad, furious, and take out that anguish on the pitcher. Vaccaro even offers up a blowtorch to deal with Harvey, who he calls, “the fake tough guy, a fugazi in full, all talk and no action.” The condemnation doesn’t end there though.

“What, he thinks we forgot all the times this year when he rolled his eyes at all the times the Mets tried to curtail his activity in this first year back after Tommy John? He thinks we’ll have selective amnesia for all the times he scoffed at being held back from taking his turn as the Alpha-est Alpha male of all?”

So far this season, Harvey has pitched 166 1/3 innings over 25 starts. He has posted a 12-7 record, a 2.60 ERA, and a 1.01 WHIP so far. With only 13 2/3 innings left to work with, that will only cover two partial starts for the rest of the 2015 MLB season. If the Mets don’t shut him down now, this would mean he cannot pitch in the MLB Playoffs. That’s not good news at all for anyone that is counting on him to perform. As for what he has to say about this?

“I’ve been on the phone with Dr. Andrews. I’ve been on the phone with Scott. Dr. Andrews said his limit was 180. That’s what Scott, or Dr. Andrews had said. But, for me, I’ve got 166 innings. I don’t know any much more than what I have to do Tuesday. And that’s go out and beat the Nationals.”

New York Mets rumors about a Matt Harvey innings limit inundated the team all through the past offseason and Spring Training. It got tabled when Harvey consistently stated, all through the regular season, that he wasn’t going to be limited this year. So much for that.

[Image Source: Al Bello/Getty Images]