Amy Duggar's Fiancé Reveals Why He's Ditching Her Right After They Get Married, And It Involves Guns

Amy Duggar's future husband, Dillon King, is already itching to get away from his bride, and he hasn't even gotten hitched yet!

Amy Duggar and Dillon King are getting married on September 6, and it looks like Amy might live to regret the date they chose for their ceremony. Dillon is supposed to be in wedding mode, but he's a bit distracted right now -- his mind is on grabbing his guns and heading out to kill a few unlucky ducks.

King recently shared an Instagram post letting Amy Duggar know that he's ditching her as soon as duck season starts. According to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission website, Amy's trigger-happy future husband can start hunting early teal on September 12.

Amy Duggar Dillon King

"Yeah, it's just right around the corner!!! @amyduggar baby girl, I know you haven't been with me to see duck season-but, I'll be back," King captioned the photo above. "Nothing will keep me from YA. Seriously though, duck season is getting real close.!!! #duckhunting #duckseason #ducknation #duckedoff #ducksunlimited #ducking."

Amy Duggar responded to her fiancé's post by calling him a "dork."

Amy's wedding will be much different from those of her cousins, Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar. For one thing, her wedding won't be televised for TLC's 19 Kids and Counting -- the show got cancelled before Amy and Dillon could make it to the altar. According to Radar Online, Amy Duggar's fiancé used his Instagram page to break the bad news about TLC's decision not to give Amy her own wedding special.

"TLC [called] us yesterday stating they have decided that they will NOT be filming our wedding and they are 'glad they got to work with us,'" King wrote. "So, Amy and myself apologize that we will not be able to share our special day with you all on the TLC network."

TLC decided to ditch the entire Duggar family after Josh Duggar confessed to sexually molesting four of his sisters. Amy Duggar is probably a tad ticked off that her wedding isn't being televised because of her cousin, and now Josh is the subject of another scandal that's casting a shadow over her big day. Josh recently admitted to having an affair, and, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Dillon King hinted that Anna Duggar is entertaining the idea of divorcing her husband of seven years. This should make family conversations a bit awkward at Amy's wedding.

On the bright side of things, Josh Duggar is currently in rehab, and a source close to the Duggar family recently told ET Online that he won't be leaving treatment to attend Amy's wedding.

"Everything with Josh was like a death in the family… They're hoping Amy's wedding day can be an escape -- a much-needed day of happiness."
Maybe Amy Duggar's husband-to-be is looking forward to his duck hunting escape so much because he wants to get away from all the Duggar family drama.

[Image credit: Dillon King/Instagram]