Belal Muhammad Claims CM Punk Is A Beast — Titan FC MMA Fighter Says Punk Would Finish Conor McGregor Teammate In First Round

If one were to ask any current wrestling fan who “The Best in the World” is, most will probably say CM Punk. During his run in the WWE, Punk backed up said claim by delivering entertaining matches and dropped pipe bomb promos that set the bar high for wrestlers afterwards. Unfortunately for Punk, his wrestling appeal does not easily cross over to MMA. So when news broke that CM Punk was signed on to fight in the UFC, many did not take it well. This is especially true for heckling MMA fan Dillon Pousson and UFC fighter Cathal Pendred.

However, there are some who think CM Punk may be a viable contender in UFC, especially certain MMA fighters. Joining the likes of UFC fighters Daniel Cormier and Cole Miller, Titan FC’s Belal Muhammad thinks Punk will do well in UFC too. As a matter of fact, Muhammad claims Punk would finish Cathal Pendred in the first round.

Belal Muhammad, an MMA fighter competing in the Titan FC welterweight division, recently sat down with Adam Hunter on MMA Roasted, as reported by Bleacher Report. When the conversation turned to CM Punk, Muhammad provided the following details which are quite interesting to hear.

“Dude is a beast. Everybody is talking all this trash about him, like Cathal Pendred saying he wants to be his first fight, but I think CM Punk would whoop him within the first round. I guarantee it. He would knock him out. Dude is legit. People are always talking trash, but they are going to see. He’s in the gym day in and day out doing like three practices a day.”

For those who do not know, Cathal Pendred — who fights in the UFC welterweight division and is a fellow teammate of Conor McGregor — has been highly vocal of his disdain towards CM Punk, as reported by Wrestling Inc. Some of the vicious social barbs both UFC fighters threw at each other include Pendred’s criticism of Punk’s training to Punk claiming he is getting paid more by UFC than Pendred ever did his entire career. As for recent insults, Punk claims Pendred is a boring fighter while Pendred claims Punk is “playing fighter.”

For now, MMA fans will have to wait to see if CM Punk can truly hack it in UFC. Though many have hoped Punk would have fought by the end of this year, it may not happen since Punk wants to truly be ready before stepping into the Octagon. But if the words of aforementioned MMA fighters in favor of “The Best in the World” (especially Belal Muhammad) are to be believed, Punk being ready to fight may happen sooner rather than later.

[Image via Unchained WWE Wallpapers]