Reggie Wayne Won’t Be Playing With New England

Reggie Wayne spent a total of 12 days with the New England Patriots. However, according to CBS, the player was cut from the team on Saturday. Strangely enough, however, the decision seems to be mutual. As a matter of fact, according to the report mentioned above, Wayne asked the team to terminate his contract.

Reggie Wayne was a player for the Colts until August 24 when he was traded to the New England Patriots. Four days later, Reggie put on the Patriots uniform to play against the Panthers in a week 3, preseason game. In the third week game against the Panthers, Reggie Wayne didn’t catch a ball during a single play. However, during the final game of the preseason against the Giants, Wayne did see some playing time; catching two passes and making a total of 24 yards in the game.

Essentially, Wayne wasn’t very well-versed with regard to the Patriots playbook, a fact that he didn’t care to hide. Wayne was quoted on Thursday as saying, “The season is going to be here whether I’m ready or not… There is a lot of stuff I can learn from tonight and I still have a week to get ready.” Nonetheless, Wayne won’t be getting ready anymore, at least, not to play for the New England Patriots.

It is still unclear whether or not Reggie will be playing for any other team this year. Regardless of what happens moving forward, Wayne still made a nice chunk of change this year as a result of his contract with the New England Patriots. According to SB Nation, Reggie was guaranteed $450,000 for the year, regardless of how much he played. Therefore, even if he doesn’t get picked up by another team this year, he has still made nearly a half-million dollars.

While it is still unclear whether or not Reggie has plans to sign with another team this year, there is already plenty of speculation. Sports experts are expecting Wayne to reach out to “playoff contenders” like the Seattle Seahawks or the Baltimore Ravens.

Now the big question is, “Why did Wayne ask to be released from the New England Patriots?” While Wayne did not hide the fact that he still had plenty to learn about the team’s playbook, he seemed optimistic with regard to the fact that he still had a week to learn. So, it’s not likely that that’s the reason he asked to be released. Nonetheless, Wayne is one of the best players in the game and fans are hoping to see him on the field this season.

[Image courtesy of Wikipedia]