Katie Hopkins Petition Launched To Swap Star For Thousands Of Refugees

British TV personality Katie Hopkins, who once appeared on the Apprentice, is controversial and is known for saying things that make people angry. For example, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hopkins once said that euthanasia vans were a good idea because Britain has "too many older people," and she said that the answer to that was doctor-assisted suicide. Hopkins even referred to illegal immigrants as cockroaches. She was referring to those sneaking into Europe via the Mediterranean.

Back in April, Katie Hopkins wrote about how she wanted to see photos of coffins and bodies floating in the water. She continued to say that she wanted to see skinny people who looked sad, and that she wanted violins to be played.

It appears that people are now biting back against Hopkins, and it comes in the form of a petition. Hopkins seems to have taken notice too, as she sent out a tweet acknowledging the petition.


The petition is calling for the swap of Katie Hopkins for 50,000 refugees, according to Mirror. The Katie Hopkins petition has gotten quite a bit of attention, and as of right now, more than 34,000 signatures. The petition was launched a few days ago on Change.org.

Supporters claim that the move will get rid of the United Kingdom's contribution to the hall of national embarrassments. Supporters were referring to Katie Hopkins. As for where the petition is calling for her to be sent to, that would be to Syria.

According to The Belfast Telegraph, Ben Fletcher is the person who started the petition calling for the swap of Hopkins for refugees. Fletcher wrote that the United Kingdom doesn't have enough space for refugees. He continued to say it's because Katie Hopkins has a massive head and that hogs up the space. Fletcher also wrote that refugees deserve a lot more than Hopkins, and that a swap would be a win-win for all.

Fletcher noted that he was glad that he provided an outlet for people to speak up and say how they feel about Hopkins. He pointed out that the Katie Hopkins petition does have a serious point behind it, which is there are a lot of people who need assistance.

The petition to swap Hopkins for refugees also asks people to donate to charities that are working to protect innocent people, save lives and make life better for those who are leaving their home countries because of things that are out of their hand.

[Image By Ian Gavan/Getty Images]