Cervical Cancer Kills Young Newlywed Emma Fisk After Doctors Misdiagnosed Her With Urine Infection, Was ‘Too Young’ For Pap Smear

Emma Fisk, a 25-year-old newlywed from England, has died from cervical cancer just months after doctors told her she was too young for a pap smear — a test done to screen for cervical cancer.

Mrs. Fisk reportedly visited her doctor 10 times prior to her death, beginning in 2013, complaining of stomach cramps and unusual bleeding. Initially, she was told that what she believed might have been cervical cancer was actually a urine infection, or “a little tear.” She asked her doctor for a pap smear, but was refused. After more visits to her doctor, in December of 2013 Emma was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis — a condition that causes ulcers in the lining of the large intestine — but once she mentioned that she had been experiencing bleeding, the specialist referred her back to her general practitioner. Despite still fearing cervical cancer, she was once again denied a pap smear, because she was “too young.”

In April of 2014 — after months of begging for the test — she was finally granted one. However, the doctor was unable to finish it, as she was so sick by that point that her cervix bled and “began to crumble.” In June of 2014, just weeks after the failed test, it was confirmed that Emma was suffering from neuroendocrine carcinoma, a rare form of cervical cancer that typically cannot be detected by pap smears. Despite this, Emma’s mother, Adele Willis, firmly believes that had she been granted the smear test earlier, her cervical cancer may have been detected and she may still be alive.

“If girls were called up for smears earlier, from the ages of 18, then our beautiful Emma might still be here with us today. She was fit and healthy and slim – she didn’t smoke or take drugs or drink. She was the model daughter. She loved everyone and they loved her. I just always thought she was going to get better, even up to the three days before she left us.”

Not long after her cervical cancer diagnosis, Emma’s boyfriend of eight years, Dan Fisk, proposed to her. In December 2014, she was told she had just six months to live. In January 2015, the young couple married in a beautiful ceremony that the two planned themselves.

In June of 2015, just five months after Emma and Dan were married, the young girl succumbed to the cervical cancer ravaging her body, and she passed away at home surrounded by her family. Now, the family is starting the “Team Emma Campaign” in a bid to lower the age for pap smears and potentially save other young women from dying of cervical cancer like Emma.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Emma Fisk was not the first young woman to die from cervical cancer after being deemed too young to receive a pap smear. Should the age for pap smears be lowered? Sound off below.

[Image Credit: Daily Mail]