Instagram Model Audreyana Michelle Shows Off Bare Back & Booty In Mirror Selfie

Audreyana Michelle took to popular social media site Instagram on Wednesday to delight her followers with a mirror selfie that showed off a skimpy backless top.

In the photo, the Instagram model sits perched on the bathroom sink with her back to the mirror as she slightly shifts her torso to capture the photo. She wears a black, backless top that disappears into high-waisted, booty-hugging light-wash jeans that put her backside on full display. The angle of her upper body allows fans to get a glimpse of her side-boob while the entire side of her abdomen is left exposed.

The model completed the look with her long brunette tresses pulled back into a bun and a touch of black mascara making her eyes pop. She also added some pink lipstick as she gazed unsmiling at her reflection in the mirror. Audreyana accessorized with gold dangling earrings and had her nails painted black to match her top.

The image was part of a two-photo post that featured the model in exactly the same position and outfit. The only difference was that in the first photo, she looked directly at the mirror, letting her followers see her eyes, while in the second, she gazed toward her phone as she snapped the picture.

The 20-year-old's 834,000 followers loved her latest snap and left her comments complimenting her beauty and flawless skin. Many also asked where they could buy the top she wore.

"U are a vision. Hot damn," one Instagram user commented, following up with two fire emoji.

"Thank you for this," another follower wrote.

"Still the most beautiful woman on earth. Nothing new," one other adoring fan chimed in.

Many of the model's Instagram snaps are mirror selfies, and her followers love to see the different outfits and hairstyles she wears, as well as the various positions she uses to capture each photo.

Another recent snap featured Audreyana closer up to the mirror as she took the photo facing front. She wears a snakeskin jacket in varying shades of blue, in addition to a white, low-cut tank top that teases the top of her cleavage. The model shoots a pouty look towards the mirror, highlighting her full, pink-painted lips and putting her signature blue eyes on display, while her hair falls freely around her face and down her back in carefully styled waves.

"You just made my week better," one of the model's followers wrote in the comments section.