Hillary Clinton Is ‘Sorry’ For Confusion Regarding Emails

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she is “sorry” for confusion regarding the use of her personal email account. This is the closest thing to an apologetic remark anyone has seen from the popular democratic candidate regarding the issue of her personal email account. She has still failed to apologize directly, however, for the potentially dishonest decision.

She sat down for an interview with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss the raging issue of Hillary using her personal email account for official government business. When asked about whether or not she felt sorry about the incident, Clinton responded.

“At the end of the day, I am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions, but there are answers to all these questions, and I take responsibility and it wasn’t the best choice.”

This is only the third interview televised to a national audience since Clinton announced her presidency, and the main topic was more negative than positive. Mitchell spent a good amount of time discussing the approval numbers of the nation for her campaign, which aren’t good. Her poll numbers have significantly fallen as people are believing her to be untrustworthy and dishonest. When Mitchell asked about what people are saying, Clinton responded.

“Certainly, it doesn’t make me feel good. But I am very confident that by the time this campaign has run its course, people will know that what I have been saying is accurate.”

Besides being sorry for the confusion, Hillary also confessed that she wasn’t thinking very clearly about the use of her personal email while she was a senator in New York.

“I did all my business on my personal email [in the Senate]. I was not thinking a lot when I got in [to the State Department]. There was so much work to be done. We had so many problems around the world. I didn’t really stop and think what kind of email system will there be. This was fully above board, people knew I was using a personal email, I did it for convenience. I sent emails that I thought were work related to people’s dot gov accounts.”

After the interview concluded, Mitchell confided to her fellow news anchor that Hillary never fully answered the question as to why she chose to use her personal account to do business.

“There’s been speculation that it was to avoid reporters requests, congressional investigators, but she did not really answer that question. It’s clear though that she’s going to be a lot less aggressive about this, less defensive. They know they’ve got to turn the page here because this FBI investigation is going to continue and they’re going to have to deal with this for a long time.”

Despite the writing on the wall, Clinton doesn’t seem to think that her candidacy is in any danger. She’s still more than willing to throw out jibes to Trump, just as freely as he insults her.

“The President of the United States needs to be careful about what he or she says…Loose talk, threats, insults — they have consequences. I’m going to conduct myself as I believe is appropriate for someone seeking the highest office in our country.”

However, it looks like Donald Trump isn’t the only one who doesn’t conduct himself very well. If Hillary Clinton wants to get over her declining approval numbers, she’ll need to do a little more than say sorry for the confusion.

[Image via Getty Images]