WWE Rumors: New Match Added To ‘Night Of Champions’ Including A Mystery Partner

For quite a while now, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have had a lot of problems with Bray Wyatt and the expanding Wyatt Family. Things were kind of on an even playing field, but that was until Braun Strowman joined things, and it put the former members of The Shield at a big disadvantage. WWE has now put all five men in a match at Night of Champions, but there will be a mystery partner joining things.

UPDATE: Early on Saturday, WWE had accidentally spoiled the identity of the mystery partner to be NXT’s Barob Corbin. An image was posted showing him, but it has since been removed from WWE.com.

As of Friday night, WWE had put up a teaser for this week’s Monday Night Raw preview that made it appear as if Reigns and Ambrose would get a partner. It’s possible that they could find a teammate by Monday, but WWE may hold out a bit longer.

On Saturday, WWE officially announced a six-man tag match for Night of Champions. It will put The Wyatt Family against Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and a partner of their choosing. There is no word as to who their partner will be, but it’s obvious they need one.

WWE focused on how Braun Strowman has helped the Wyatt Family get the advantage over the former members of The Shield in the past two weeks. The giant is enough on his own, but with Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt next to him, it makes the sides incredibly uneven.

“Now, with Night of Champions approaching, how will Ambrose and Reigns fare as this ongoing Hatfield and McCoy’s-like conflict continue? Will the former Shield brethren and their third be able to break the aura of invincibility that currently surrounds Braun Strowman? Or will Sister’s Abigal’s black sheep give The Eater of Worlds a definitive edge in this wicked war?”

There are now rumors that The Shield is going to completely reunite after Night of Champions, but that won’t really have much effect on what is going to happen here. Well, it could if Ambrose and Reign’s partner ends up forming a new stable of some sort.

According to Wrestling Inc., the mystery partner could be Erick Rowan, who is returning from injury. It just seems to be a bit too early for him to come back, and it also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in storyline.

Night of Champions won’t just have a lot of title matches, but some intrigue as well. The Wyatt Family has strength in numbers, but a mystery partner is coming for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns soon, and it could be just about anyone.

[Image via WWE]