September 5, 2015
Anna Duggar Divorce: Amy Duggar's Fiancé Reveals Anna Is Thinking About Divorce

Anna Duggar evidently hasn't ruled out the possibility of getting a divorce, but the former 19 Kids and Counting star is feeling plenty of pressure to stay with her husband, admitted child molester and adulterer Josh Duggar.

Anna Duggar was likely just as stunned as the rest of the world when Gawker revealed that Josh had an account on Ashley Madison, a website used to arrange extramarital affairs. Josh later confessed to cheating on Anna in a statement that was shared on the Duggar Family website, and he admitted that he's been "the biggest hypocrite ever."

Anna Duggar hasn't released a statement defending Josh like she did in the wake of his incestuous sexual molestation scandal, and there could be a reason for her silence -- perhaps she's not sure that she's going to stand by her man now that he's caused her so much pain.

Dillon King, the fiancé of Josh Duggar's cousin Amy, recently talked about how Anna Duggar is being pressured to stay with Josh. According to the International Business Times, King's comments about Anna's sad situation were published in the September 14 print edition of In Touch Weekly.

"I know Anna's parents are talking with her about staying with Josh," King revealed. This is an indication that Anna hasn't completely made up her mind about what she's going to do, so it looks like divorce is still on the table.

Anna's brother, Daniel Keller, recently explained that his parents don't want Anna to divorce Josh Duggar because they're worried that the demise of their daughter's high-profile marriage will make their entire family look bad. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Daniel tried to get Anna Duggar and her four children to come stay with him, but Anna refused his help.

A source told PEOPLE that the Kellers are "even a little more extreme" than the Duggars when it comes to their patriarchal Christian views, and they've always taught their children that "divorce was never an option." Because of her family's beliefs, Anna is likely experiencing an intense internal struggle -- she may want to leave Josh, but doing so would mean disappointing her parents and going against what she's been taught her entire life.

However, Amy Duggar's fiancé doesn't understand why Anna Duggar hasn't ditched Josh already.

"I don't know what she's thinking," Dillon King told In Touch. "[What Josh did] was premeditated. It's a double life kind of thing. If it were me, I would leave him."

Do you think Anna Duggar will let herself get talked into staying with Josh?

[Image credit: Josh Duggar/Twitter]