WWE News: Mystery Third Partner For Roman Reigns And Dean Ambrose Accidentally Revealed On WWE Website

When WWE wants to surprise the masses, it seems WWE fans already kind of know what is planned before it goes down. However, at times there is no reveal given and WWE does a fantastic job at keeping the secret, well, secret. Usually, news websites tend to find things out before they are supposed to due to leaks from within WWE. However, one thing that seems to never happen is WWE giving away a secret themselves.

Sadly, that was the case recently.

As we are all aware, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose find themselves involved in a bit of gang warfare against The Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt brought his “black sheep” into the flock to help him get ahead of the former Shield brethren. Braun Strowman is a huge man who is by no means an easy man to beat. The Wyatts are now three men deep where Ambrose and Reigns still need a third man.

It was said recently on WWE that Ambrose and Reigns would debut their third partner at the WWE Night of Champions event. We were all wondering who the third man could be. Would it be Erick Rowan, who was once a Wyatt member but is now on the outside looking in? What about Seth Rollins to recreate The Shield for one night only? Neither man seemed just right, especially when WWE could bring someone up from NXT.

It looks like they plan to do just that, and we know this because the WWE website basically gave it away. As you can see below, WWE accidentally revealed the third man on the team when putting up a graphic for the match. It was corrected, which is why we have the picture we see in our featured image above now on the WWE website in it’s place.

It appears that WWE NXT star Baron Corbin will be the third man in the group that will hopefully even the odds against The Wyatt Family at Night of Champions. The move makes some sense yet doesn’t all at the same time for the group.

He is a big guy, which will help his team when taking on a team full of big men. The problem is that Corbin has been playing a heel role on WWE NXT that he pretty much just began last month. He has been talking down Indy stars and even lost to Samoa Joe at the WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn event. So if Corbin cannot beat random people like Samoa Joe in a one on one match, how will he fair in a match with three men who are experienced or simply too massive to really take down easily?

The idea has merit. Corbin is a big man who will help the former Shield members take on the Wyatt Family. However, Corbin is really not much larger than Roman Reigns. Ideally, if Reigns cannot take down Strowman on his own, how does it make any sense to think that Baron Corbin can do so?

Right now, the person who made this error on WWE is probably in hot water with WWE management. WWE very well might even change the third member to someone else just so they can still keep the mystery alive in fact. WWE may go ahead and have Corbin appear on WWE RAW this Monday since the cat is already out of the bag. We will have to wait and see where WWE decides to take this now that the secret is out.

[IMG Credit: Turnbuckle Press, WWE.com]