Teen In Hot Water For Social Media Photo Of Her Sticking Her Toe In Infant’s Mouth [Photo]

A South Carolina teen is at the center of controversy due to a photo that was recently uploaded on social media. According to Opposing Views, the photo captures the teen sticking her toe in an infant’s mouth, which has prompted an investigation that will be conducted by the Gaffney Police Department. It has been reported that the infant’s family notified police on Wednesday, Sept. 2 about the incident, which occurred inside the home of the infant’s caregiver.

The 7-month-old infant is normally left with a local caregiver while his parents are at work. On the day the incident occurred, the 15-year-old suspect had reportedly stopped by to pay a visit to the caregiver’s daughter. But, based on the photo circulating social media, that’s not all the teen did. Once the photo surfaced online, it quickly began circulating and didn’t take long before the infant’s mother also discovered it.

The infant’s grandmother, Robenae Dewberry, has also spoken publicly about the incident. Needless to say, the family is quite shaken by all that has happened. Dewberry also cited a number of other possible mishaps that could have occurred as a result of the teen’s alleged actions. Although the teen may have considered the act comical, based on the laughing emojis on the photo posted to social media, Dewberry argues a different perspective.

“My grand baby means the world to me,” Dewberry said. “When I saw the picture, it was heartbreaking, because he was an innocent little baby. I didn’t believe it,” Dewberry said. “My daughter called me crying on the phone. That toe could’ve choked him and he could’ve died from that toe being in his mouth. Who knows how far it was back in his mouth!”

The caregiver has also apologized to the family for the incident and reportedly had no knowledge of what had occurred until the mother showed her the photo. Now, the mishap has also created potential problems for the caregiver as the incident has led to a further investigation of the home, according to Fox Carolina.

Although the caregiver comes highly recommended by many in the community, investigators will still conduct a thorough evaluation of the child care services being offered by contacting South Carolina Department of Social Services. The city’s business licensing department will also be contacted to ensure the homeowner has the proper permits in place to conduct business. Since the teen in question is considered a minor, the case will be turned over to S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice, which could result in the charges being brought against the teen in Family Court.

[Image via Facebook]