Mariah Carey Considering Breast Reduction Surgery?

Mariah Carey is a superstar diva with a lovely curvacious figure and voice which only few can even hold a candle to. However, all of that being stated, Carey is reportedly not entirely satisfied with one particular part of her physique – that being her breasts.

OK Magazine recently shared claims by sources close to Mariah that the star is not pleased with the shape of her breasts and would like them to be smaller, yet lifted. The publication states that Carey feels she would like the change in order to look her best for boyfriend James Packer. The publication shares the insider’s words in regards to Carey’s own opinions about her chest.

“She’s been complaining that they’re too spread out and plastic-looking.”

In addition, the source shares that Carey was recently flipping through photos of Packer’s ex girlfriends, none of which had large breasts. This discovery has sparked the motivation for Carey to consider the reduction surgery. However, a source notes James‘ views on the issue.

“James says he like Mariah just the way she is, but she doesn’t believe him. She just wants to look good for him.”

Movie News Guide is in disagreement with Mariah’s reported dissatisfaction with her breasts, stating, “We disagree. She has a good voluptuous figure and [her] breasts complement her physique nicely.”

Carey and Packer are said to be getting quite serious in their relationship, and it is no surprise that the 46-year-old wants to be at her best for her billionaire man. However, it’s surely a unified opinion that the Hero songstress looks incredible as she is. The Latin Post indicates how intense the relationship is becoming between Mariah and James.

“Given all their harmony, Carey is now also rumored to be considering moving out of the country to live with Packer. That may be easier said than done, given Carey’s divorce from second husband Nick Cannon has not yet been finalized and the two have twin 4-year-olds together.”

Understandably, Cannon is not keen on Mariah being so far away seeing as this will mean his children will be out of country much of the time. James came on the scene not long after the definite split from Nick Cannon with whom the diva shares twin children. Carey has also since received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, landed a role on the hit show Empire, and enjoyed a successful Vegas residency. It seems that James has been a great new addition to Mariah’s life.

[Feature photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]