Cecil The Lion App Rejected By Apple


Cecil's Revenge is an app that somewhat pays homage to Cecil the lion. The Cecil app turns the tables on poachers, and allows lions, elephants, giraffes and other wildlife to become the hunters. However, Cecil's Revenge will not be coming to Apple devices, as of today. Apple has rejected Cecil's Revenge, according to TMZ.

The app is loosely based on Asteroids. Hunters/poachers are the asteroids, while Cecil the lion and his friends are the shuttle.

The creators of Cecil's Revenge did say that Apple cited a few concrete elements in its rejection. Apple cited that enemies in a game cannot target a specific race, culture or any other real enemy.

Developers of Cecil's Revenge were told that their game targets poachers. However, Apple did suggest that the developers revise the Cecil app to avoid targeting groups or individuals, according to Fox.

Cecil's Revenge is the first game from the two developers, David Kotkin and Glenn Cutler. They said the reason why the Cecil game was created was to raise awareness about the killing of protected animals. They also said the app's intent was to inspire people and companies to bring an end to illegal poaching through the development of anti-poaching technologies.

Cecil the lion was killed by a hunter a few months ago, after he was lured out of a sanctuary. The death of Cecil made headlines around the world. He was 13-years-old when he was killed by an American dentist. Cecil was allegedly shot with an arrow, and then he was tracked for a bit before he was shot with a rifle. Before being killed, Cecil was living in Hwange National Park, located in Zimbabwe.

Cutler released a statement, saying Cecil's death empowered them to create a game that involves animals shooting poachers, contrary to real life. He added that the game has animals flying through space and shooting, and there's a reason for it. He said technologies like satellites and drones could be used to track both animals and poachers.

Cutler also announced the proceeds from Cecil's Revenge will go toward technology, such as drones, which could play a role in stopping illegal poaching. The developers said their game targets people who kill animals illegally, and it doesn't target a specific group or race.

Even though Cecil's Revenge couldn't find a home at Apple, it did get approved elsewhere. The Cecil-inspired game is available to download on Google Play.

[Photo By Leesean/Flickr]