Lady Gaga Met By Protesters In Manila

Lady Gaga is currently on a world tour. But apparently, a lot of the world doesn’t want to see her play. When Gaga touched down in Manila today for the latest leg of her Asian tour, she was greeted by protesters hoping to have her Sunday night concert cancelled.

Rolling Stone reports that the majority of the protesters came from a group called Biblemode Youth Philippines. The group believes that Lady Gaga is spreading an anti-Christian message.

Protest leader Ruben Abante said:

“She declared a distorted view toward Jesus Christ and for us Biblical Christians it is offensive. Her music and everything about her is different from what our values are.”

Gaga has run into similar incidents throughout her tour. The singer was already forced to cancel a show in Jakarta, Indonesia, and her show in Seoul, South Korea was restricted to an 18 and older crowd.

The mayor of Pasay City said that he wasn’t planning on cancelling Lady Gaga’s show but reminded the singer that lewd conduct or nudity would not be permitted. Which means that Gaga should probably leave her new meat dress at home. The mayor’s office said in a statement:

“Although we respect artistic and musical expressions, I won’t allow anyone or any group to provide acts which may be questionable in a way at any venue under my jurisdiction. We reminded the producers of Lady Gaga’s concert that the show and the event as a whole shall not exhibit any nudity or lewd conduct which may be offensive to morals and good customs.”

Seattle PI reports that the Biblemode Youth Philippines group may be anti-Gaga, but the singer does have plenty of fans in Manila. Lady Gaga was apparently surrounded by screaming, picture taking, autograph seeking fans as security escorted the singer to her hotel.