Bobbi Kristina Funeral Tribute: Tyler Perry Shares Video On Facebook [Video]

Tyler Perry shared a beautiful tribute that the Houston Family asked him to share from Bobbi Kristina’s funeral with his email subscribers on Friday, September 4, and to his Facebook followers. The Facebook video has been liked more than 63,000 times – and viewed nearly 1 million times within 15 hours. In the description that accompanies the Facebook post, Tyler explains that it was Bobbi’s family that asked Perry to share the tribute that Tyler created for Krissy.

“The Houston estate asked if I would share this tribute that I put together for Bobbi Kristina’s private funeral. On behalf of the Brown and Houston families, we would all like to thank you for your prayers and support. God bless, Tyler”

An ethereal looking photo of Bobbi appears at the beginning, with words that express love and pain.

“I hope you feel my love, pain, beauty, agony at times, blessings all the time. No one understands me. And I don’t expect them to, but I will try to spread my love and my story through words and this blessing of a powerful voice mom has given me.”

The 3-minute, 38-second-long video goes on to display photos of Bobbi Kristina, as Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” plays in the background at the beginning. Beautiful photos of Whitney, Bobby Brown, and their daughter are shown, interspersed with photos of Bobbi as a little girl and photos of Krissy with Whitney holding the youth. Another song, with Whitney’s voice singing “You are loved” over and over again is later played.

It’s a tribute that takes viewers through the life of Bobbi, chilling on the beach, wearing various outfits, holding a pet, and with her parents dressed in all white. Photos of Bobbi being held by her grandmother, Cissy Houston, are also shown. As Bobbi grows, photos of her with her parents at a Disney theme park are shown, as well as Krissy singing with her mother during a concert.

The Tyler Perry tribute is definitely a moving journey through a life that met with a tragic ending, even as Nick Gordon has upset Bobbi’s family due to Gordon visiting Krissy gravesite, reports Eurweb‎ – especially in light of the suspicion that grows in the role that Nick may have played in Bobbi’s untimely death.

“Goodbye for now. Bobbi Kristina Brown 1993 – 2015”

The end of the moving tribute created by Tyler shows his love of Bobbi and Perry used his filmmaking talents to create a gorgeous farewell to Krissy.

[Image via Facebook]