George Zimmerman’s Former Co-Worker Alleges Racist Remarks

George Zimmerman’s past has become murkier, following the recent release of new evidence in the murder trial of Trayvon Martin, who Zimmerman shot down on February 26th, as an interview has been released by a former co-worker who filed an H.R. complaint against the accused man.

The unnamed coworker stated, according to, that Zimmerman called him “Achmed the terrorist,” and that stories about the man would include “bombing,” “I’ll kill your family,” and other supposed “jokes” about “Middle Eastern stuff.” He went on to say:

“I tried to ignore it. It was like, middle school, high school humor, but he was going on and on and on for days and days.”

Finally, the witness stated he had had enough. According to RawStory, he filed a report with HR, but Zimmerman was “so persuasive and ingenuous in his testimony to the committee that he fooled not only the committee, but the witness said that [he] even began to doubt himself.”

The H.R. department was forced to close the investigation, although the teasing continued. He stated that it was so bad, that when Zimmerman was fired, the witness threw a party at his home to celebrate.

According to Huffington Post:

“The witness said that he never felt physically threatened by Zimmerman or had any violent interaction with him.”

The witness further stated that:

“[Zimmerman] was fired for calling HR hotline so many times…he would complain about each and every manager and employee.”

George Zimmerman has been charged in the murder of Trayvon Martin, who he confronted on February 26th, because Martin “looked suspicious.” Ultimately, Zimmerman fired a fatal shot at the 17-year-old’s chest, killing him.

Check out the witness’s interview here.

Other evidence released includes photographs of George Zimmerman’s injuries from the altercation, as well as Trayvon Martin’s blood work, which showed traces of marijuana in his system.