September 5, 2015
Josh Duggar: Does Sarah Palin Still Think That He Can 'Help Society?'

Josh Duggar had a surprising amount of support after he confessed to molesting four of his younger sisters when he was a teenager, but he lost a few of his defenders a few months later when he revealed that he created an account on the Ashley Madison website and cheated on his wife.

Sarah Palin quickly threw herself into the media fray surrounding Josh Duggar's sexual molestation scandal. During a June interview with EXTRA, she was very careful not to say anything negative about Josh. Instead of criticizing the former 19 Kids and Counting star, she tried to paint him in a more positive light by explaining how what he did to his sisters could actually end up benefiting others. Sarah said that Josh could "educate others, help others get through tough situations."

"Perhaps that's part of the redemption he would capitalize on and ultimately help society."
Flash forward to Friday, and Sarah Palin is still defending the Duggars. However, she's no longer trying to help Josh Duggar out, now that she knows that he cheated on his wife, and she even called him "really, really screwed up."

"Keep in mind that's one out of the 19 Kids and Counting," Palin told EXTRA. "I don't like to see the media crucify an entire family and bring them all down when it's one character within that family who is really, really screwed up. I feel sorry for the guy's wife, she's an innocent victim. The sisters, when they were younger, for them to have been victims and now be re-victimized… I tell ya that is such a lesson for all of us to walk the walk, man, not just be talking the talk."

Perhaps Sarah Palin slightly regrets standing up for Josh Duggar earlier this summer by posting a lengthy Facebook rant aimed at deflecting the attention away from his misdeeds. Sarah tried to accomplish her goal by comparing Josh's sexual molestation scandal to Lena Dunham's admission that she looked at her little sister's vagina. Lena was seven years old at the time, but Sarah dubbed her a "pedophile" and a "pervert," and she accused first grader Lena of "sexual assault." In the very same Facebook post, Palin used no such words to describe Josh Duggar. Instead, she referred to Josh's sexual assault as "obvious wrongdoing over a decade ago."

As the Inquisitr previously pointed out, one of Josh's victims, Jessa Duggar, might have a problem with Sarah Palin calling Lena Dunham a pedophile.

During her interview with EXTRA, Palin later complained about how Lena Dunham went on to become successful after looking at her little sister's vagina.

"She sexually abused a little girl and yet she is rewarded with fame and fortune."
Perhaps Sarah should take comfort in knowing that Josh Duggar went on to find fame, fortune, and political power after he sexually molested five girls, four of whom were his own sisters -- he just lost it after his dark past came to light.

It's surprising that Palin still believes that Josh Duggar is the only member of the Duggar clan who did anything wrong. According to the police report obtained by In Touch Weekly, Josh's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, waited 16 months before they decided to take any real action to prevent Josh from sexually abusing his sisters. The guilty teen told his parents about what he was doing on multiple occasions, but they didn't get serious about doing anything to stop him until he sexually molested his then-five-year-old sister. And instead of contacting the proper authorities right away, Jim Bob and Michelle decided to consult with "church elders."

Do you agree with Sarah Palin that Josh Duggar is the only member of the family deserving of derision, or do Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar share the blame for what went on under their roof?

[Image: Josh Duggar/Twitter]